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Creation 17(3):35, June 1995

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With wings like eagles

by Mary M. Parker

On the campus of Clearwater Christian College on Tampa Bay, Florida, America's symbol, the bald eagle, nests high above the marshy swamp area on a man-made platform in clear view of campus life. For several years these glorious birds of prey, with their white-feathered heads, had nested in the highest tree. But a furious thunderstorm destroyed the eagle's home and part of the tree. Fortunately, the family of two eaglets and two adults survived and migrated north at the end of the season.

Through the efforts of Mary Ann Stuart, a science department student, Roger Miller, the college librarian and bird enthusiast, and members of the college maintenance department, the problem of the homeless eagles was solved. Knowing that eagles mate for life and would probably return next season seeking a nesting site, Mary Ann sent off for information on how to build a nesting platform.

With concern for State regulations and protection for the eagles, a platform was available for next season. Hopes ran high for the eagles to accept the new artificial nesting site. Sure enough, the eagles came and nested. Eaglets were soon seen emerging from the nest on the platform with their wings spreading against the beautiful, blue Florida sky.

How marvellous it was to observe the eagle's mating ritual before the nesting season. The male eagle flew high into the sky and then dropped — making a dive straight down. He repeated this several times until the female was attracted and accepted his courtship invitation and ritual.

When I see the eagle spreading his wings against an empty sky, falling into the space below, and then again lifting himself to heights that make him a speck of white and brown against the blue background, I am reminded of the verse in Isaiah 40:31, 'But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.'

Experiencing the amazing wonders of God's creation is indeed a special privilege given to us by our Creator. But understanding the foundational application to that creation is to know the loving Saviour by whom, and through whom, all thing were made. 'With wings like eagles', He can bring us to new heights daily as we learn to trust and obey Him and accept His great love.