World by Design Tour dismantled my big bang



I have a grievance to present against the World by Design speaking ministry team who came to Mount Isa, Australia (25-26 July 2008). There I was sitting cozily on my version of the ‘Big Bang’ theory—modified to follow the creation account in Genesis—when they came along and upset it.

When I read the invitation to attend the sessions, I was confident some of it would be on the ‘Big Bang’ theory as supporting the existence of a Creator. It has the distinction of having predicted something, hasn’t it? So it must be the most probable way God created the universe. Surely, they’ll touch on it. For myself, I’ve taken a bit of the theory and added it to the biblical account.

For years now, I’ve imagined Genesis 1:1 as a sort of time-lapse film clip of the coming to existence of the universe from a very small particle. Many times my heart filled with wonder at the thought that the Lord designed that single particle—or wavicle as my professor in Physics believed—just so to produce the universe and the watery earth immediately prior to Day 1!

You can imagine my alarm when I entered the hall, and I was confronted by books (Dismantling the Big Bang, etc.) and DVDs (Hubble Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble, etc.) challenging the ‘Big Bang’ theory. And if this were not enough, through their presentations, the speakers (Dr Don Batten and Dr Jonathan Sarfati) made me take a closer look at how I truly viewed Inerrancy.

Having been exposed to Form, Textual, Source and Redaction criticisms briefly while attending a Baptist seminary, I have been wavering about Inerrancy. I admit, I thought myself somewhat clever because I could churn out a range of scenarios (in addition to the literal) of the creation account. All this was amply aided by these criticism tools and by evolutionary concepts (modified to fit my view of Genesis). The World by Design visit rudely disabused me of my imaginings and forced me to take Genesis as a literal, historical account of creation.

Lastly and worst of all, not only had their visit compelled me to buy a number of books, DVDs and subscribe to Creation magazine, it’s also jeopardizing my social life because from the time I left the first night of the two-night event, I’ve been using all my spare time (and some of my sleeping time) reading Dr Hartnett’s and Dr Sarfati’s books, back issues of the Creation magazine, and articles from the creation.com website. Don’t you think I have a just cause to be grieved?

Published: 2 September 2008(GMT+10)
Published: 2 September 2008

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