# Article Title
1 The Scopes trial quiz
2 The awesomeness of death
3 The Gift of Scripture—it’s an issue of authority
4 Nothing new under the sun: media report hypes evolution claims
5 ID and President Bush—the deeper issues
6 The evolving bird flu
7 New England Journal of Medicine promotes anti-theism
8 University of California at Berkeley sued over pro-evolution website
9 Catalytic reporting
10 RATE research reveals remarkable results—a fatal blow to billions of years
11 Evolution and medicine
12 Time to consider other persons of the year?
13 "Doonesbury" needs some resistance
14 Was Morgan Freeman correct?
15 Grand Canyon—what is the message?
16 Bible schools
17 Philosophical naturalism and the age of the earth: are they related?
18 The tenth planet is discovered
19 The cutting edge of outreach
20 It All Begins with Genesis—a curriculum for all generations
21 Science teachers hear about creation from a biochemist
22 The Smithsonian/Sternberg controversy
23 Crusading against Christianity
24 Original Sin at the BBC
25 Christian reluctance to jump on global warming bandwagon attributed to skepticism of evolution
26 RATE strikes at the heart of evolution
27 The history and impact of the book, The Genesis Flood—Part 1
28 Another whale of a tale: creationists without a 'whimper'?
29 The history and impact of the book, The Genesis Flood - Part 2
30 The mystery of the megaflood
31 Gorillas and tools?
32 Of penguins and people
33 Geological pioneer was a biblical creationist
34 Scopes trial: The trial of the century and why it still matters today
35 Cosmic fireworks on the Fourth of July!
36 Collapsed Apostle tells a story
37 The war of the worlds comes down to Earth
38 The Scopes "monkey trial"—80 years later
39 Don't be "resistant" (about writing your own letter to the editor)
40 Dinos breathed like birds?
41 Lucy: walking tall—or wandering in circles?
42 Real scientists, really?
43 Can creationists be scientists?
44 Startling plant discovery presents problems for evolution: mutation repair
45 Rushing in—where wiser heads might not
46 Upper Paleolithic blues
47 Jason Lisle vs. Hugh Ross debate: annotated transcript
48 Fossil turtles confound evolutionists
49 Life—a gift from God
50 Of mice and men—and the monsters in-between
51 From "fish to Gish" … to a fond wish
52 What is your worldview?
53 It's getting "hobbit"-forming—the ongoing attempts to deny humanity's special creation
54 Caged lions
55 Squirming at the Squishosaur
56 Looking forward to the Creation Mega Conference!
57 Stem cell/human cloning debate gears up
58 The Smithsonian Institution makes "intelligent" decision
59 Creation commotion in Dutch Parliament
60 Creation: Once Upon All Time: A Review
61 I believe what Jesus believed
62 Australian Skeptics vs CMI–Australia
63 The continuing de-Christianization of the UK / Other news
64 US Supreme Court rules on Ten Commandments displays
65 Redating Leakey’s Ethiopian human finds: more problems for compromise
66 Close encounters with biblical truth
67 Ancient humans are not all that ancient
68 Hobbit bone wars
69 Responding to the compromise views of John Ankerberg
70 Bible vs. science?
71 Hominid Fever
72 Would you trust a dingo?
73 Flying dinosaurs, flightless dinosaurs and other evolutionary fantasies
74 Still soft and stretchy
75 'Ostrich-osaurus' discovery?
76 Death, suffering and Terri Schiavo
77 CMI scientist refutes atheistic evolutionist in Wellington's (New Zealand) major newspaper
78 Death, dating, and the days of creation
79 Evolution in American education and the demise of its public school system
80 ID theorist blunders on Bible (response to Dembski)
81 A national embarrassment
82 Who’s transforming our society?
83 "Lost" without Genesis
84 Quasar with enormous redshift found embedded in nearby spiral galaxy with far lower redshift
85 Teaching of origins highlighted in major media
86 The sticker didn’t stick (or did it?)
87 Dino dinner hard to swallow?
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