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Reaching out to ‘Alien’ experiencers

How to help them

Published: 4 August 2018 (GMT+10)

D.M. from Canada wrote in complimenting Gary Bates for his book, Alien Intrusion: UFOS and the evolution connection. He asked for more information on reaching out to experiencers in his church.

Hi CMI (and hopefully Gary Bates),


I have just finish reading Mr Bates book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. I thought that it was great and as soon as I finished it I found a friend who I thought needed to read it. I wanted to thank Mr Bates for all the hard work he put into the book. it has been a real eye opener to nature and depth of the spiritual deception that is going on.

The last chapter hit me hard because I am a board member at my church and I don't know how I would have treated someone who has had experiences with ‘ETs’ before I read the book. I want to better minister to people in my community who might be affected by such encounters but I don't know where to start, Maybe someone at CMI might be able to point me in the right direction.

Anyways, I wanted to say thank you to CMI for all you hard work for the LORD. it has strengthened me and my family a lot over the years. I also wanted to thank Mr Bates for all his hard work.

Thank you so much

Dear Mr D.M.,

Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. Yes, one of the reasons we deal with this issue which is a subset of the origins issue (despite those Christians who misunderstand our reasoning or simply dismiss it as a side issue), is to help the church reach others. In an age of increasing church abandonment and skepticism, people are more susceptible to a plethora of false ideas and are also more open to direct spiritual deception.

I believe the book is thorough and can give you the tools you need to minister to someone. The DVD version of the movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception is available to be ordered or pre-ordered in some countries, and it is a good resource to give to those affected by such experiences to help open them up to more information. But the most important thing, I believe, as I said in the film, is not to deny someone’s experiences, but to let them talk it through. I will not pretend that folks are easy to reach. The experience can be real, and as such it takes on the veil of truth on its own. As such, our attempts to counter it, it can be perceived by the experiencer as if one is denying what is happening to them rather than the nature of it. Now, of course it is deceptive, so the important thing is listen to the details of what messages they may have received or what they believe the purpose of the experience was, and then ask questions that might highlight the inconsistencies in the whole thing (of which there’s lots of if one can recognize them). The experiences tend to continue because people welcome them or are at least open to them due to their experience. So, once we can get them to doubt the nature of the event, they will be less open to it, and hopefully it is the beginning of the end.

Keep in mind that for many it has been a life-changing experience and can even give them meaning and purpose in life. Thus, one needs to tread very carefully. Also, one needs to be covered in prayer. Some of the details are very sordid and disturbing, and it is not for the faint hearted. I pray that more churches and individuals would be open to helping these victims.

In Christ,
Gary Bates,

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Readers’ comments

Dianne W.
How do you deal with a Roman Catholic who believes that the so called apparitions of Mary are real? My aunt believes in these, especially in the one at Fatima, Portugal, during World War I. Because my Catholic relatives believe in them strongly, so several years ago I investigated these so called apparitions and found that they greatly parallel occultic manifestations, which is exactly what I thought I would find. Have you written anything about them? I tried to explain to my aunt that the apparition at Fatima was a demon masquerading as Mary and as the "sun". She was hurt by what I said and did not accept it. What advice can you give on helping someone see the true nature of this kind of thing? Roman Catholics are just as susceptible to being deceived by these lying spirits as people who believe in aliens are. They each get the deception they have been conditioned to fall for.
Gary Bates

Thanks for your email. I’ve been asked about this a few times including on TV in the UK where I was not allowed to criticize other religions. Here’s what you could point out without overstepping the mark and criticizing the Catholic religion etc.

• Empathize that you recognize this is a tradition from their church and even endorsed by them. However, all traditions are man-made and don’t necessarily emanate from Scripture.
• Catholics believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior…yes?
• Where do we get this historical information from? The Bible…right? So, the Bible must be the one source that we should rely upon as infallible.
• Does the Bible give any indication that we are to receive such information from other sources?
• In fact, it warns dozens of times about even receiving information from angels and that deceptive forces will masquerade as angels of light.
• In short, one should filter all experiences through the lens of Scripture, whether we think they are nice or not. Try to get her to see the Bible as her authority, not the church.

I would strongly recommend getting her a copy of my book Alien Intrusion as it will show the variation of manifestations that have occurred over the years.

All the best.
Aiden B.
Thank you for the response Gary Bates! But it appears to me this person will not change his beliefs concerning the topic of aliens, bigfoot, etc. probably because of pride and I think the cause is the TV shows that present it as it is a physical entity. Your prayers are requested and appreciated. PS, love your Australian accent!
Gary Bates
Hi Aiden, although we are publishing your return comment on this occasion, a friendly reminder please that the comments section is not designed for back and forth interaction. With regard to your friend, yes, they are very difficult to reach. I would point out that very few serious experts, that is, those who have been investigating for many years, and both secular and Christian, pretty much all agree that it is not extraterrestrial. In short, we all agree about the nature of the phenomenon, that it is interdimensional, even though we might disagree about its origin. In short, you could point out that whilst your friend is free to believe what he wants, he is going against all the deep research on the subject. And I recommend showing him our movie on the subject that will show this to him.
John C.
Didn't Dr. Hynek of Project Blue Book himself say that the 'unresolved' UFO experiences and sightings might have a 'spiritual component'? I've often thought of this with sadness as I read your 'Alien' articles. If only our evolutionist friends would have the chutzpah to follow the truth where it leads. May God bless you in all your important work.
Gary Bates
John, if you read my book Alien Intrusion I wrote a lot about Hynek and his investigations for the US Government. Also, the movie version featured him quite a bit. He's even on the cover of the DVD. However, I would not say he thought they were spiritual in the biblical sense. but he did use terms like paranormal etc.
Aiden B.
Perfect timing article because it is relevant to someone I’m trying to reach but no matter what I give, the person leaves open the option of physical intelligent aliens (though he claims he has never had an experience with an alien). But he does claim to have seen his “past lives” as in reincarnation which I think Gary Bates would agree is a spiritual deception as well. Interestingly, he believes in not only aliens but reincarnation, bigfoot and ghosts but claims to believe in some of the Bible but not all of it ); I wonder if Gary Bates ever met someone similar in beliefs.
Gary Bates
It's typical that people who believe the Bible contains 'some' truth are open to all sorts of pluralistic ideas. The obvious place to start is to ask how one knows what parts of the Bible are truth and which are not. If some parts aren't truth then it cannot be truth nor the Word of God. I.e. the other parts should be viewed as suspicious also.
I covered bigfoot in my book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. I've covered the subject of ghosts here.

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