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Creation 34(1):56, April 2011

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Alligator ancestor antics


©iStockPhoto.com/clark42 Crocodile

Dr Carl Werner found this alligator fossil (bottom right) on display at Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Evolutionists regard this as a ‘dinosaur era’ (Cretaceous) fossil. Dr Werner noted the similarity to living alligators that he had seen in Louisiana. A comparison with a modern alligator skull (bottom left) shows the high level of similarity. And yet the fossil and the modern alligator were given different names, even a different genus. Giving them different names gives the false impression that alligators have changed in the supposed 75 million years; but they haven’t! Alligators reproduce true to their kind, like all the other creatures that God created. We could say, ‘Evolution is a croc’!

Redpath Museum, Montreal, Canada Modern alligator skull
Modern alligator skull
Alligator mississipiensis
Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada Dinosaur era
‘Dinosaur era’ alligator skull
(The nasal septum not preserved) Albertochampsa langstoni
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