Bill Worraker



William Worraker is an Associate Researcher with Biblical Creation Trust (UK). He has a BSc (Hons) in Physics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics, both from University of Bristol, UK. He has experience of academic and industrial research into a wide range of fluid flow phenomena. Recently employed as a developer of scientific software, he has been an active amateur astronomer for over 25 years and has participated in collaborative professional-amateur observing projects (on variable stars) and in writing the resulting peer-reviewed publications. His current research with BCT is focused on addressing the ‘Flood Heat Problem’, the problem of explaining in scientific terms how the heat released during the Genesis Flood was removed without raising environmental temperatures beyond biological endurance limits.

Some of his articles are as follows:

Astronomy-related Technical publications

  • Worraker, W. 2006.Water in the Cosmos. Genesis Agendum Occasional Paper No. 12, 24 pages [ISBN 0-9547825-2-6].
  • Worraker, W.J. 2004. The Sun – The Greater Light to Govern the Day.Origins 37/38 (The Journal of the Biblical Creation Society. Special Issue: The Solar System):11–15.
  • Worraker, W.J. and N.D. James. 2003. Eclipsing Dwarf Novae.Journal of the British Astronomical Association 113(2):84–101.
  • Webb, N.A., T. Naylor, Z. Ioannou, W.J. Worraker, J. Stull, A. Allan, R. Fried, N.D. James and D. Strange. 1999. A spatially resolved ‘inside-out’ outburst of IP Pegasi.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 310:407–413.
  • Ioannou, Z., T. Naylor, W.F. Welsh, M.S. Catalan, W.J. Worraker and N.D. James. 1999. The ‘outside-in’ outburst of HT Cassiopeiae.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 310:398–406.
  • Mennickent, R.E., D. Nogami, T. Kato and W. Worraker. 1996. The March 1995 superoutburst of the SU Ursae Majoris star AK Cancri: photometry and superhumps.Astronomy & Astrophysics 315:493–498.
  • Worraker, W.J., T. Naylor, G. Poyner. and S.J. Robinson. 1996. Eclipse Observations of IP Peg during Outburst, pp.65–70 inCataclysmic Variables and Related Objects(eds. A. Evans and J.H. Wood, Kluwer Academic Publishers).

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