Praise God. He is using CMI to change lives!


First published in a CMI newsletter in December 2019.


It is more important than ever to spread the message that we can trust the Bible, starting in the very first verse, because the doctrine of creation is under attack, even from professing Christian sources. ‘Old-earth’ ministries, like that of progressive creationist Hugh Ross, even claim that making a stand on biblical creation keeps people from accepting the Gospel. Sadly, many churches, ministries and individuals also buy into this falsehood, ultimately compromising their views of God’s Word in this foundational area.

The majority of people have been taught evolution as a fact. And we know that most objections to belief are centered on the Genesis creation account. So, defending the Genesis creation account is necessary to refute the objections many people have to the Gospel itself.

At CMI we have a database of testimonies from not only those Christians whose doubts have been cast away, but also those who came to Christ by understanding they can believe the Bible from the very first verse.

We are humbled by how God continues to use CMI’s resources. Even more amazing is when this creation information helps bring atheists and skeptics to saving faith in Jesus Christ. We share a selection of them, below.

God uses CMI resources to bring a skeptic to saving faith

“Thank you so much for facing today’s objections, with the truth of God’s Word. I have purchased many products from CMI recently, and I invited my brother to our house a few weeks ago and spoke of my faith. I asked him what stops him from believing in Christ as Lord, he said ‘science’ … We spoke of many of your articles, and even looked at CMI’s website for the answer to tail bones on dolphins, and we watched 3 CMI DVDs. One week later he gave his life to the Lord, praise God for His providence and for Creation Ministries, God bless you all.” —Chris S.

God uses CMI’s documentary to bring an atheist brother to saving faith

“My brother was visiting … last year when I jumped at the opportunity to show him the video Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels and loaned him the book also. He had been an atheist and always answered back my mum whenever she tried to talk about God to him, saying ‘Mum, I have brains!’, meaning he needed to see evidence that God was for real. So I was so excited when Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels gave him the evidence! I followed up with apologetics and he believed in Jesus Christ.” – Joanne L.

God transforms a life through CMI’s website

“You guys have really started something great in my life. I am now thinking biblically and studying apologetics regularly so that I am always ready to give answer for the hope that is in me. I will also, hopefully, be starting college at a conservative Bible believing college … and it’s all because the Spirit brought me to CREATION.com. You guys sparked something in me, and it’s transformed my life. Thank you; you’ve done so much for me.” – Stephen L.

God draws “arrogant” skeptic to Himself through scientific articles

“Hi! I’d just like to thank CMI for all your articles … One of my strongest arguments against God’s existence was secular science, and I thought it without flaw. I held such arrogance toward creationists and Christians in general (especially Christian scientists), but all your articles helped me in my journey to find the truth regarding God and the formation (creation!) of the universe. I would never have come to Christ if it were not for the work of the scientists at CMI, for you lay down the evidence and prove that the Bible predicts, confirms, and is confirmed by nature and the true evidence that has been collected–not the hypothetical, ad-hoc nature of secular science. You’ve been a huge part of my journey to Jesus, and I’d like to thank you for that!” – Em M.

God uses creation.com to build college students wavering faith

“I am one of the men that is up at the front after service to go to for prayer. A young college age lady came up for prayer asking for help with her wavering faith. I asked why she thought it might be wavering. She said she was a geology student and all the information she was getting at school was causing her confusion. She has been a Christian for many years, but was now having some serious doubts regarding evolution etc. I am fairly solid in my apologetics in this area largely because of all the articles I have read on your daily emails. I offered her the website and we had a long conversation that completely changed her from wavering back to stronger faith. I saw her the next week and she said that she just loved the CMI site …! A completely changed and increased faith. Glory to God!” – Bobby H.

The truth sets people free!

These are just a sample of the great reports we receive. They highlight the need to get the faith-building information out as widely as possible, because as you can see, God uses this information to change lives!

Don’t let CMI be the best kept secret in Christendom

It’s also the season for gift-giving. Our materials do the work of an evangelist for you. Please consider who might benefit from receiving this information. Thanks so much for your support, without which we could not spread this vital information. Please consider CMI for your end-of-year-giving!

Published: 20 December 2019

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