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‘Creating’ a Stir at University


Published: 10 February 2009 (GMT+10)
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I started out doing a double degree; Law and Science, majoring in Biology. In my experience, there is nothing like tackling the theory of evolution in a Biology lecture theatre. Sometimes lecturers can be very touchy. I once suggested that evolution is unobservable and thus can’t really be proven in a scientific sense. The lecturer became flustered and shot back half a dozen ‘evidences’ for evolution, including all the ‘transitional fossils’. Tempting as it was to knock these arguments down, ‘pride only breeds quarrels’ (Proverbs 13:10) so I left it at that. Other times, I was a little more subtle and had my lecturer agreeing that it was impossible to determine how life could arise from inorganic matter (abiogenesis—or chemical evolution) and that, really, there are so many requirements for life that any such thing would be a miracle. But by that stage, she twigged what I was getting at and quickly ended the conversation.

Throughout all this, I was always amazed at how many creationists were studying Science degrees, where they were force-fed evolution. I remember sitting in a Chemistry lab one day and in the course of conversation the man across the table said he was creationist. I said ‘Wow, so am I!’ and my lab partner piped up, ‘I am too, actually.’ We all paused, astonished and the man across the table said, ‘What are the chances of that? That three people at this table are creationist?’ And his lab partner corrected him, ‘Four.’ But nonetheless, studying Biology inevitably leaves some people totally confused about the issue. One girl I spoke to told me that she had been creationist but was starting to have second thoughts because she didn’t know how to deal with the evidence that was being presented in support of evolution. So I gave her some print-outs of CMI material, which happen to have come in very handy while studying my course. The material was just what she needed to re-ground her in her faith.

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Still taught and still fraudulent

I meet so many people that are interested in the evidence for Creation that I usually carry some sheets of CMI material whenever I’m on campus. At one 10-day intensive lab session I took 3 copies with me but I ended up having to photocopy them—8 people had asked me for more info!

Since all that, I changed courses to Law/Arts, majoring in Psychology. I thought I might finally get a break from all the evolutionary dogma but I was wrong. Sociology and Psychology are full of it but I’m still meeting creationists and others who are confused wherever I go, so I still bring copies of CMI material with me. I recently attended CMI’s ‘World by Design’ talks in Brisbane, Australia, and picked up a whole of lot of top resources as well as having some of my questions answered. A Creation magazine I purchased there came in very handy.

One of my sociology units required me to write about a text that supported a transcendent authority and my lecturer suggested something on the Creation-evolution debate. All semester my lecturer had praised the theory of evolution and belittled religious thought as unscientific, all the while claiming to be unbiased. So I used a Creation magazine to challenge evolution and show that Creation was actually more scientific than evolution. I received a Distinction—and my lecturer admitted that the issues I had covered were very difficult for evolutionists to answer.

University is a great place to reach people and whenever someone poses a question that I can’t answer, I email CMI who are incredibly helpful with their responses. But it is not just at University that conversations spring up on the Creation-evolution topic. It comes up at work, with friends, at community functions—just about everywhere I go. There are a lot of open-minded people out there who are confused by the incessant evolutionary propaganda paraded in the education system and the media. Being well-informed on the evidences for Creation opens a lot of opportunities to give people a reason to believe.

Readers’ comments

Zachary A.
Very interesting article - I’ve also been amazed at school and Uni (bio major) how many people actually don’t believe what teachers/lecturers are often so adamant about - creationism isn’t doing too badly and that isn’t such a bad thing!
Chuck P.
Very encouraging. I’m an old guy and don’t hear much of what’s going on at the university level. The main stream media isn’t going to publicize this sort of thing. Thanks again.
Matthew L.
I’m so glad there are people out there fighting against evolution. I’m a year 12 student at a Christian school and I’m finding it difficult to discern what’s good theology and what’s not. I do physics and chemistry and while the teachers are Christian, because of the education system set by the government, a lot of the stuff we learn does not agree with what the Bible teaches. Until I found this website I was very confused about what we were learning and whether it was biblically correct or just evolutionary junk. I feel sorry for Christian teachers who, whilst having the best in mind, must have difficulty in deciding what to teach the younger generation.
Leon B.
Thank you, Rebecca, for pointing this out.
Graham W.
It’s so encouraging to hear of how the evolutionary stranglehold is being pulled away, such as by this article on creationists in universities. Well done all of you - if my children were to follow in your footsteps I’d be very proud.
Peter B.
Hi, articles like this have made me go back into doing emergency teaching (maths/science) in government secondary schools, to first develop a relationship with the kids then show them dvd’s like “unlocking the mystery of life”. Thank you for showing me the evidence for creation (I used to believe in evolution after being indocrinated at high school and university) like tree ring dating, ice sheet dating, the work by Dr Hartnett etc …. I could have been sitting at home in an “easy” retirement at 47 but your information and articles motivated me to get off my backside and do my bit. In the love of Christ, Peter.

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