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Staying the course at university

In our feedbacks this week we deal with the challenges young people face when entering university and a question about Hitler and the Origin of Species. The first is answered by Dr Tas Walker and the second by Dr Don Batten.

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Published: 23 June 2013 (GMT+10)

S.H. from Australia writes:

Good Afternoon,
My granddaughter has just begun a biomedical course at the Queensland University.
Evolution is included in one of her subjects.
Could you please put me on to a good article suitable to her course that would outline the facts true and false about evolution.
As a Christian, I have reassured her she has nothing to fear. As evolution is real. Mutations happen within a species.
What I understand has not been proven is transmutation—from one species to another.
Many thanks for your assistance,

CMI’s Dr Tas Walker responds:

Hi SH,

As far as evolution and natural selection are concerned (which you asked about specifically), there are many articles that deal with that:

For a good, big picture treatment of the issue see Where do we come from? Created or Evolved?

However, the key is to realise that everything is presented at the secular universities within a secular, atheistic worldview. That includes medical ethics, evolution, anatomy, law, geology, everything. So, in order to survive your granddaughter needs to have read widely from the creation perspective. I would recommend Creation magazine as it comes in regularly and deals with all sorts of issues that she will face. This will give your granddaughter enough of a background to alert her when things are not correct, and that she needs to do some digging.

One helpful article is How do I do my Assignment about Evolution?

Creation.com has an excellent search facility where your granddaughter can find material on all sorts of topics that could help her.

See also ‘Creating’ a Stir at University which may be encouraging for your granddaughter.

I hope that is of some assistance.

Tas Walker

Did Hitler ban Darwin’s Origin of Species?

Fergus M. from Germany writes:

You are aware that Darwin’s books on evolution were banned by Hitler under Section VI of the 1935 law on forbidden books, right?
Dr Don Batten responds:

This is what it says:

6. Schriften weltanschaulichen und lebenskundlichen Charakters, deren Inhalt die falsche naturwissenschaftliche Aufklärung eines primitiven Darwinismus und Monismus ist (Häckel).

English translation: 6. Writings of a philosophical and social nature whose content deals with the false scientific enlightenment of primitive Darwinism and Monism (Häckel). As one blogger wrote:

“all this says is Haeckel’s works are included, for the crime of promoting what the Nazis considered a false and primitive version of Darwinism. That’s what the German translates as: it doesn’t say Darwinism itself is false and primitive, but that Haeckel’s version of it is, which might actually be an endorsement of whatever the Nazis considered the “right” version of Darwinism.”

So, Darwin’s works were not banned at all, only what the Nazi’s saw as the false version of Darwinism, namely Haeckel’s.

There is no evidence that Darwin’s works were ever banned; quite the contrary.

Note added in proof (24th November 2016): Richard Weikart, professor of history at California State University, Stanislaus, is the author of Hitler’s Religion (Regnery History, 2016). Having reseached the relationship of Hitler and evolution, Weikart presents multiple clear lines of evidence that Nazi Germany embraced Darwinism, including even Haeckel’s fraudulent ideas. See: Was Darwinism Banned from Nazi Germany?.

As for the myth that ‘Hitler was a Christian’, see The Christian Nazi myth refuted and The Darwinian roots of the Nazi legal system. For a refutation of other myths regarding Nazism not being based on Darwinism, see Refutation of New Scientist’s Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions: The Darwin–Hitler connection.

Note added in proof (24th November 2016): In his book on Hitler’s religion, Weikart shows that Hitler was a pantheist, ‘worshipping’ Nature, as understood in the light of evolution.

Don Batten

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Readers’ comments

Victor B.
Many thanks for the factual translation and information regarding "Did Hitler ban Darwin's Origin of Species. This together with the article "The Christian Nazi myth refuted" is very useful and revealing.
Fergus M.
"all this says is Haeckel’s works are included, for the crime of promoting what the Nazis considered a false and primitive version of Darwinism."

What an utterly ridiculous explanation. The mention of Monism should tell you exactly why Häckel's name was mentioned. I should probably point out that opposition to Monism is itself an explicitly theistic position, as Monism denies the existence of the soul as separate from the body.
Don Batten
"Und"/"And" means both, not either/or, in German and Engish. If Haeckel's writings were banned because of his monism only, the ban language would not have said anything about his "primitive version of Darwinism" (which is mentioned first, probably indicating the main reason for his writings being banned).
Yes, the Nazis rejected Haeckel's monism (a form of materialism that denied the spirit/soul entirely), but only because materialism conflicted with the Nazi pagan religious ideas, which were also decidedly anti-Christian. Please read the recommended review of The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity, which you clearly have not done.
Fergus M.
All right then. As you're determined to be dishonest if that's what's required to deby the fact that the Nazis opposed Darwinism, let's look at the 1938 "Blacklist for public libraries and commercial lending libraries." If the Nazis were so anti-christian, explain THIS:

"c) All writings that ridicule, belittle or besmirch the Christian religion and its institution, faith in God, or other things that are holy to the healthy sentiments of the Volk."
Don Batten
I reject your accusations of dishonesty, absolutely. You don't like the fact that your 'proof' was dismantled so you resort to accusing me of dishonesty! Wow!

The Nazis did not reject Darwinism/evolution at all, only Haeckel's primitive version of it. But I am repeating myself.

I note also that you have changed the subject away from the Nazis being anti-Darwin, which they clearly were not, to something else.

You really do need to read the review of Swastika Against the Cross, the link of which was provided for your education; it is quite clear that you have not bothered to do this.

Read the articles and you will come to understand that Nazism was not materialism (hence the rejection of Haeckel's monism, which he invented, which was materialistic, denying the spirit/soul entirely), but an anti-Christian heathen religion.

Christianity, such as it was in Germany at the time (greatly weakened by liberalism and apostacy), would provide some social cohesion for the German people while the Nazis set about replacing it with their own religion (note the 1938 date for your quote; I am assuming it has been translated correctly, which is not to be assumed, especially if it came from some gutter atheist website trying against the facts to prove that 'Hitler was a Christian'). The Nazis might well have viewed what was left of Christianity as a bit of a bulwark against communism too, which was avowedly materialistic/atheistic (like Haeckel), but I am speculating. But the Nazis clearly saw Christianity as useful 'for a season', but to be replaced with the superior Nazi religion.

Please read the scholarly material, Fergus, and stop promoting nonsense.
John L.
From the reader's comment I gather that she and the granddaughter are Christians. The understanding of the lack of data for transmutation of life is correct. Yet, they should be concerned about going to a secular university-as so many have too. Dr Walker's comments about every subject there having the stain of evolutionary dogma is true. His references to combat this are powerful. One area I think might also help as well is grasping how science, religion, and philosophy interface in developing a worldview. Understanding this interaction will help her see through the science veneer of evolution to the religio-philosophical foundations of it. CMI has many articles on this subject. I would also advise her getting tied into a vibrant Bible believing Christian group(s). The grandmother, if close to the grand daughter, I would encourage to frequently communicate with her. Take nothing for granted, we walk in this earth in spiritual warfare. But great is the Lord and greatly to be praised who will cause all things to work together for good for those that love Him and lean not on their own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all their ways.
Dr John G Leslie
James T.
I notice that there is a small contradiction here because some youtube atheists argue that hitler believed in [i think it was.] theistic evolution and yet some argue that he was christian that banned darwin's works. But anyways good article Don and Tas. I have a question,which is kinda off topic. How do you guys deal with atheist on your youtube channel?To be honest i heard a lot of Christians got off youtube because of the amount of frustration and hate they get on their videos when they try to give evidence for the bible. Atheists on there only seem to thumb up comments that only agree with them while spamming theist comments.
Don Batten
See the last of the 'Related articles', which deals with the Christian Hitler myth. YouTube atheists are not exactly a reliable source of information!
There seem to be plenty of atheists on YouTube who are willing to misuse the power of voting down a video they don't like, just because the video is effective in countering their nonsense, not because it is offensive. They can use all manner of offensive material against Christians but many seem to be very thin-skinned when it comes to receiving criticism. One such video we posted was voted down we host here: Atheism article. There are other video hosting sites, such as Vimeo.

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