Creation compromise—more widespread than most realize


First published in
Answers Update–Canada
July 2004

A few months ago I wrote that a Christian University in British Columbia did not take a stand on teaching a straightforward understanding of Genesis. We had calls and letters from quite a number of you who were shocked and saddened by this news. To clarify further: sadly, so far as we know there is not a single Bible school or seminary in Canada that takes a stand on, and requires all of their teachers to take a stand on, a straightforward understanding of Genesis (six normal-length days; global Flood; creation about 6,000 years ago; no death, suffering and bloodshed before Adam sinned). There are surely individual teachers who would hold to a straightforward reading of Genesis, but no entire school that we are currently aware of.

This is one of the reasons we have embarked upon ‘Operation: Refuting Compromise’. Canada, despite its still-growing numbers of Christian resources (colleges, bookstores, radio/TV stations, etc.), is becoming more and more anti-Christian and immoral every day. More and more of God’s people (as a result of creation ministry to churches) now understand that a major factor in this terrible slide has to do with churches and leaders who have been misled into major compromise. Many, if not most, Christian leaders (pastors, elders, Bible college lecturers, etc.) have allowed for millions of years of history before man ever appeared on the earth. Consequently, they have ‘unlocked a door’ which allows man’s opinions (about selected observations from science) to be in authority over God’s Word, thus undermining the Bible as our absolute authority.

As a result the culture, as a whole, has lost biblical authority, and the church is viewed as being irrelevant. As part of CMI’s mission, ‘Operation: Refuting Compromise’ aims to combat this sad situation. In our newsletters we will be providing God’s people with special opportunities to be armed with unique resources to challenge church leaders and institutions as never before. For example:

  • Authored by Dr Jonathan Sarfati, and launched in April, we released Refuting Compromise, the most comprehensive and powerful book ever written to combat the compromise teaching of ‘progressive creation’ (as promoted by Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe—a position that allows for billions of years, big bang, local flood, death and disease before sin, all of which, sadly, are gaining a foothold in many churches and Bible colleges, etc.) Already in its second printing, several hundred copies have been eagerly distributed by God’s people to pastors and Bible school teachers across Canada.
  • In addition, we are conducting numerous speaking tours all over Canada. Already this year we have nearly doubled the number of people reached directly through CMI meetings (and it’s only July)! Special meetings in October will be broadcast live on the internet and shortwave radio to an international audience. This will equip many more people to refute compromise in the church, and to help them witness more effectively on the relevance of Genesis.
  • Special articles highlighting compromises found in Bible commentaries, Christian textbooks, college lectures, etc., are being posted on our website, to help bring awareness of the compromise problem.

  • CMI will produce more PowerPoint teaching resources to equip teachers in the church with the tools to refute compromise.

  • In addition to the fantastic children’s curricula already released last year (It All Begins with Genesis; The Seven C’s of History), CMI will release a powerful book to challenge parents to raise children whose worldview is based solidly in God’s Word.
  • Two more major books will be released in late 2004 addressing popular culture items that are being ‘squeezed’ into the Bible—the big bang (and its associated billions of years), and the question of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

These are just a few of the exciting things in store for ‘Operation: Refuting Compromise’. CMI believes that to carry out the mission the Lord has called us to, we must move ahead as soldiers in a battle, using the right ‘weapons’ and battle plans (Ephesians 6). We can’t just sit back and hope all of this will happen. We believe that we all must take a very active part in defending the Christian faith and upholding the Word of God! So, as well as reaching the lost, we must ‘refute compromise’ in the church and in our Bible colleges, where many of the problems are originating.

Time and time again, we see that where God’s people increasingly return to the authority of the Bible in vital, foundational, ‘big picture’ areas—and are armed and equipped to ‘give an answer’—the effect in ‘salting’ society and reaching the unchurched is immensely powerful. Please join us in ‘Operation: Refuting Compromise’. We invite you to take a look at our ministry calendar to see some of the meetings being held in your area. We hope you’ll get excited and become a partner, financially and prayerfully, of this ‘operation’ that CMI has planned. Stay tuned!

Published: 8 February 2006