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Volume 29, Issue 4
Published September 2007
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: What good is Christianity?
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 Let my people go; anti-slavery activist William Wilberforce: a Christian hero
by Jonathan Sarfati
16–17 Golden evidence of the Genesis Flood
by Jack Lange
18 Blood pressure and ‘race’
by Dion Astwood
19–21 What really happened at Roswell?
by Gary Bates
22–24 Taking creation evangelism to the streets!
Wayne Olling and Marc Kay share their experiences
25–27 Is evolution pseudoscience?
by Mark Johansen
28–30 Intriguing instincts
by Neil Marsden
31 Can Japan ban hara-kiri?
by David Catchpoole
32–34 Hitler’s ‘master-race’ children haunted by their past
by Russell Grigg
35 Dino dung overturns objection
by Tas Walker
36–37 Venus flytrap
by Jonathan Sarfati
38–39 Don’t fall for the bait and switch
by Tas Walker
40–43 Creation for kids
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She’s beautiful!
by Russell Grigg
44–45 Lea, the spaghetti lioness
by David Catchpoole
46–48 Exploring the heavens
Jonathan Sarfati chats with former NSW Government astronomer David King
49 Toy car rocks million-year belief
by Tas Walker
50–53 Hippo habits
by Jeffrey Dykes
54–55 Ancient mariners had current knowledge
by David Catchpoole
56 Angkor saw a stegosaur?
by David Catchpoole
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