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Volume 32, Issue 3
July 2010
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Don’t cut the anchor line!
by David Catchpoole
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–13 An ancient textile factory (Pre-publication version)
by Robert Carter
14–15 Are fossils ever found in the wrong place?
by Michael Oard
16–19 Theologian: Genesis means what it says!
Jonathan Sarfati interviews Old Testament scholar Dr Robert McCabe
20 A single-celled irony
by David White
21–23 New design innovations from biomimetics: Lobster recruited in war on terrorism
by Chris Ashcraft
24–27 Creation for kids
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Modern man—no ape-man!
by Russell Grigg
28–32 “Parade of mutants”—pedigree dogs and artificial selection
by Lita Sanders
33 Speedy stone
by David Catchpoole
34–35 Solar system origin: Nebular hypothesis
by Jonathan Sarfati
36–37 History and pseudo-history
by Robert Gurney
38–39 Is the famous fish-fossil finished?
by Tas Walker
40–43 Getting it right
Don Batten interviews veterinarian Dr Jean Lightner
44 Speedy sharks and golf balls
by David Catchpoole
45–47 Don’t blame Malthus
by Russell Grigg
48–51 The enemy revealed (Pre-publication version)
by Calvin Smith
52 The mud is missing: So the world is young
by Tas Walker
53 Tooth enamel: sophisticated materials science (Pre-publication version)
by Jonathan Sarfati
54–55 The bee and the postman
by Gordon Howard
56 Dracorex—the dinosaur that looks like a dragon (Pre-publication version)
by Richard Fangrad