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Volume 40, Issue 3
July 2018
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Making disciples with creation
by Lita Sanders
7–11 Focus—Creation news and views
12–13 The red blanket: The red fox in Australia—helping us understand migration after the Genesis Flood
by Philip Robinson
14–17 The incredible human brain
by Peter Line
18–21 Making disciples for Jesus Christ in South Africa
Robert Zins interviews theologian and author Victor Kuligin
22–23 Killer caterpillar with a sting in its tail
by Joel Tay
24–25 We are less than dust
by Robert Carter
26–27 Blue eyes mutation
by David Catchpoole & Robert Carter
28–31 The albatross: master aviator of the ocean winds
by David Catchpoole
32–35 Creation for Kids—The amazing eye and the gift of sight
by Erin Hughes & Lita Sanders
36–39 Convert to creation
Margaret Wieland interviews bird expert and former renowned evolutionist Dr Jon Ahlquist
40–43 Why don’t we live as long as Methuselah?
by Jonathan Sarfati
44–46 Knock, knock … are you ready?
by Lita Sanders
47–49 Noah’s Ark on a Roman coin
by Philip Robinson
50–51 Mars moons mystery: How did Phobos and Deimos get to where they are?
by David Catchpoole
52–54 Dinosaur eggs point to the global Genesis Flood
by Michael Oard
55 What’s your address?
by Lita Sanders
56 Black butterfly wings inspire solar cell design
by Jonathan Sarfati