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Creation magazine

Volume 43, Issue 3
July 2021
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Our magnificent Creator
by Lita Sanders Sanders
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 Masters of memory
by Dawn Blount
15 The waiting time problem
by Don Batten
16–19 Graphic novels conveying biblical truth
Philip Robinson meets Art Ayris, who heads the world’s biggest ‘Bible comic’ project
20–24 Your ingenious immune system: Cleverly configured to devour, deactivate, and destroy
by Philip Bell
25 Smart slime
by David Catchpoole
26–27 Dynamic drones drawing inspiration from creation
by Gavin Cox
28–33 The woolly mammoth
by Michael Oard
34–37 Creation for Kids—Rocky planets
by Lita Cosner Sanders and Jonathan Sarfati
38–39 Dinosaur-age bacteria revived from deep seabed
by David Catchpoole
40–41 Communicating with our Creator
by Lita Cosner Sanders
42–43 The mystery of the inside-out ammonite
by Philip Robinson
44–46 Gentleman geologist leads Jurassic Journeys
Gavin Cox introduces geologist John D. Matthews
47 Humans evolving? Debunking the claim that the ‘extra forearm artery’ proves evolution
by Joel Tay
48–49 The ‘Smellicopter’—not just copying, but actually using, God’s design
by David Catchpoole
50–51 The Dreamtime old and new
by Peter Geyer
52–55 Finding Adam—in Ancient Egypt
by Gavin Cox
56 Unique yellow penguin sighted
by Philip Robinson