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Creation 43(3):6, July 2021

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Our magnificent Creator




A talented photographer forever changed the way I look at the sky. On a weekend trip, she would continually excitedly point out how the sun was shining through the clouds, or the vivid colours in the sunrise or sunset. Having this pointed out to me over and over made me begin to notice it for myself. Her genuine appreciation for the beauty God has built into creation was infectious!

It is easy for even the most extraordinary things to become mundane as we become accustomed to them. But occasionally something unusual, like a yellow penguin (p. 56), or an ‘inside-out’ ammonite (p. 42) helps us to recognize the ingenuity of the Creator.

Other times, God’s design in living things helps engineers design better-functioning machines, as in the case of drones that flap their wings like birds (p. 26), or even using the designed system itself, as in the case of the ‘smellicopter’ (p. 48). At every level, from the microscopic components of the immune system (p. 20) to the heavens (p. 34), we see elements of beauty and finely-tuned design.

And God has programmed intelligence into His creation; uniquely into human beings who are His image-bearers, but also into other creatures. For instance, the Clark’s Nutcracker can remember the location of many buried caches of seeds in an area of many square kilometres (p. 12).

Even more extraordinarily, we have the privilege of communicating with this Creator (p. 40)! We do not worship a deistic god who left creation to its own devices, but a loving Father who is intimately involved with His creation, and who invites us into relationship with Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ (p. 43).

It is our hope that this Creation magazine will help you to recognize the beauty and design that surrounds you! And when you are finished with this issue, pass it on to someone else, so that they can benefit as well!

Posted on homepage: 17 May 2021

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