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Creation magazine

Volume 11, Issue 2
Published March 1989
50 pages

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4 ‘Hanging Loose’: What should we defend?
Editorial by Carl Wieland
5 Contributors
6 –9 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
10 –12 The ice age
Feature Article by Henry M. Morris
13 Mystery of the frozen giants
14 –17 Supergerms—do they prove evolution?
by Rev. Roger Kovaciny
18 Lucy starts to limp!
Feature Article
19 Book review: Noah's Ark and the Lost World
Book Review by Robert Doolan
20 –24 Counterfeit birds?
Feature Article by Ian T. Taylor
25 –28 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
30 –34 Is the sun shrinking?
by Andrew Snelling
35 –36 Did Moses use a pen-name?
Feature Article by Charles Taylor
37 Book review: Bibles with Holes?
Book Review by Robert Doolan
38 –40 Did the Creator use evolution?
by Allan Rosser
41 –42 Letters to the Editor
44 –47 Fascinating French fossil find
by Carl Wieland
48 Be skeptical about the skeptics!
49 –50 What was the ancient Jewish view of creation?
Feature Article by David Malcolm
Published: 27 January 2006