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Creation magazine

Volume 18, Issue 1
Published December 1995
52 pages

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4 The baby-killers
Editorial by Robert Doolan
5 Letters to the Editor
6 The search for planets around other stars
by A. J. Monty White
7–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–13 The incredible woodpecker
Feature Article by David Juhasz
14 Flaws in dating the earth as ancient
by Alexander R. Williams
15 The acrobatic damselfly ... a wonderful creation of God
by Tom Wagner
16–19 Tarawera's night of terror
by Renton Maclachlan
20–24 Forests that grew on water
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
25 The 'whale on its tail'?
26–30 Focused on creation
Feature Article by Robert Doolan
31–33 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
34–37 Darwin's slippery slide into unbelief
Feature Article by John M. Brentnall and Russell M. Grigg
36–37 Did Darwin recant?
by Russell M. Grigg
38–41 The necessity for believing in six literal days
by Ken Ham
42–44 Fossil expert says ... think weird!
45 It's in your blood
Creation Question by Don Batten
46–47 The Berkeley boat-rocker
Book Review by Carl Wieland
48–50 The Creation Bus ... and us
by Cathy Sparrow
50 'Moses couldn't have got all those animals into the Ark'
by Peter Sparrow
51 The 'werewolf' gene
by Thomas Awtry
52 The fish with 'four eyes'
by Russell Grigg
Published: 27 January 2006