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Creation magazine

Volume 27, Issue 4
Published September 2005
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Loving the Bible to death
Editorial by Jonathan Sarfati
7–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–12 Kamikaze ichthyosaur?
Feature Article by Tas Walker and Carl Wieland
13 The Stone ‘Age’—a figment of the imagination?
by Robert Niemand
14–17 Learning to sing
Feature Article by Lael Weinberger
18–20 Abortion argument unravels
by Alexander Williams
21–23 The axolotl—the fish that walks?
Feature Article by Jeffrey Dykes
24–27 Creation for kids—Day 1
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When God made something out of nothing
by Russell Grigg
28–29 Real history: the timeline of the Bible
by Paul Hansen
30–32 The riddle
by Jean Lightner
33–35 Alfred Russel Wallace—‘co-inventor’ of Darwinism
by Russell Grigg
36–38 Turning Greeks into Jews
by Ken Ham
39 The Darwinian roots of the Nazi tree
by Jonathan Sarfati
40–42 Other solar systems challenge evolution
by Justin Taylor
43 End-times and early-times
by Don Batten
44–47 Insect inspiration solves giant bug mystery
Feature Article by David Catchpoole
48–51 Hebrew scholar affirms that Genesis means what it says!
by Jonathan Sarfati
52–53 Swift swallow selection
by Carl Wieland
54–55 Spectacular spider stickiness
by Jonathan Sarfati
56 A monstrous mound of … minerals!
by Tas Walker
Published: 27 January 2006