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Creation Magazine Volume 3 Issue 2 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 3, Issue 2

Creation magazine

Volume 3, Issue 2
Published May 1980
36 pages

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3 Editorial
4 Contributors
5 –8 Lamellibranch shells—evidence of catastrophe
by J. Mackay
9 –11 Evolution, creation & thermodynamics (Part 2)
by Carl Wieland
15 –16 Can you prove how young the moon is?
by J. Spence, C. Davies and J. Mackay
17 Nom
18 –19 Jacques Monod and theistic evolution
by W. Peter Gadsby
20 Take a Second Look
21 –24 Creation Science—methodology
by Ken Ham
26 Physical changes brought on by Adam's sin
28 –30 Letters to the Editor
31 Quotable Quotes
Quotable Quote
33 –36 The role of interpretation in fish phylogeny (Part 2)
by J. Mackay

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