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Atheists bash hotel Bibles

They’d prefer a Darwinian replacement!


Published: 17 May 2016 (GMT+10)
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A recent article from The Christian Institute reported that the US-based ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’ is now asking for ‘Bible-free’ bedrooms to be offered in hotels.1 For all of us who have been following the cultural trends in the West, this development should hardly come as a surprise—the anti-God agenda has been making further and further encroachments into traditionally Christian strongholds, as more and more of the culture has become saturated with secularism.

The atheist group cited the actions of the Travelodge hotel chain, who removed all Bibles from their rooms in 2014, despite the fact that not a single guest had registered a complaint! Of course, hotels are free to include or refuse to allow Bibles in their own rooms, but the widespread practice of placing Bibles in hotel room drawers has been carried on for over a century; clearly, this is just one more indicator that the essentially Christian makeup of Western culture has been seriously eroding.

Even more telling, however, is what the atheist group wants to replace the Bible with: Darwin’s On the Origin of Species! While many Christians today take a compromised view of Genesis, allowing for the possibility of believing both Darwinian evolution and the Bible, these atheists clearly understand that Darwinian evolution is the polar opposite of biblical Christianity. And for Christians who think evolution is a side issue this should be a wakeup call. Indeed, atheist Frank Zindler said this during a debate with a Christian:

“The most devastating thing though that biology did to Christianity was the discovery of biological evolution. Now that we know that Adam and Eve never were real people the central myth of Christianity is destroyed. If there never was an Adam and Eve there never was an original sin. If there never was an original sin there is no need of salvation. If there is no need of salvation there is no need of a savior. And I submit that puts Jesus, historical or otherwise, into the ranks of the unemployed. I think that evolution is absolutely the death knell of Christianity.”2

The atheists get it!

You see, many of the most vocal, atheistic opponents to Christianity know that the foundational issue is Genesis, and they use this to their advantage by pushing Darwinian evolution in every way possible (the latest attempt to put Darwin in hotels being a case in point). That’s exactly why the work of CMI is so needed: we exist as an information ministry specifically to counter the anti-biblical Darwinian indoctrination that is so ubiquitous in the world today. Because of the work of ministries like CMI, there has never been a greater wealth of information available to support a straightforward reading of the Bible than there is now.

The Bible is a trustworthy eyewitness record of history, and good science confirms this time and time again. We encourage you to consider supporting Creation Ministries International with your prayers and donations in 2016; and please remember—we exist primarily to serve the local Church, sending our scientists and speakers out to hundreds of churches and events annually. If you have yet to schedule a CMI event at your church, please contact our Events department and we’ll be glad to work with you (go to creation.com/hostevent).

References and notes

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Readers’ comments

C. P.
Could a compromise be considered? Both books being placed in the same drawer? Perhaps they are packaged in one polypropylene container with a brief introduction explaining why they are together. Surely this would be another fantastic opportunity to prove that Genesis is a factual based description of the history of the earth, that has no scientific flaws. Imagine Guests will have free will to read either however I am sure that with a solid introduction they will take on the challenge of reading both or at least important (Genesis) chapters of each individual book.

Yes this idea is a bit far fetched and a very unlikely but if creationism had such an opportunity to prove to ordinary people that Darwin had met his nemesis would they consider it?

Or is it all or nothing?
Paul Price
To be honest, while this idea is interesting, I don't think there's anyone out there who would implement something like that. The Darwinists would not want to include the Bible, and the Christians would not want to include Darwin!

The truth is, people already are free to read either one, but most people read neither of them, and just accept as fact whatever the mass media tell them to believe. That's why a ministry like CMI is needed-- to get the message of creation out to as many people as we can.
Keith W.
How petty can you get? Unless you specifically LOOK for a Bible back in a drawer, you'll likely never see one in any hotel you visit. Are these people so allergic to other viewpoints that they can't even stand one invisible in their room? That hasn't worked for Christians declining to celebrate redefined marriages with their time and talent, has it?
Margaret P.
I understand that the reason bibles were placed in hotel rooms was that the message it contained might possibly prevent a potential suicide from taking place. Christian men and women went to great efforts to place God's word in hotel rooms to fill the hearts of unhappy and desperate people with hope. I'm 100% certain that 'Origins' will have the opposite effect.
R. M.
It's sad to see that even militant atheists know that the Gospel and evolution are enemies of each other, but many christians are unable to see that.
Don D.
Is it not strange to suggest this though? I mean, it is Christian businessmen/women who PAY for the Bibles that are DONATED to the hotels. In other words individuals who believe in the value of their cause who GIVE the Bibles to hotels who accept them as a public service. Did this (or any) atheistic foundation offer to pay for placing their message in the hotels? Exactly. They have no commitment and want others to pay for their moral outrage.
Stephen H.
Much as I appreciate finding a Bible in my bedside drawer when I am travelling, I wish more people would read Origin of Species-to see how badly written, tendentious, unscientific and full of sophistry and special pleading it really is. It might act as a sedative, boring travellers to sleep with its bad English, weak circular arguments and endless repetition.
Paul Price
Yes, that is a very good observation. But in today's culture, I have my doubts as to whether very many people would read either one of those books at all upon finding them in a hotel room drawer. Its mere presence there would be intended to send a message to all who saw it that "this book is important/trustworthy".
David B.
Money talks, no matter how inconvenient, let any hotel/Motel know that if they remove the Bible or replace it with Darwin's book that you'll never stay there. Really a handful of atheists are the only ones bothered by the Bible being there. Most people won't care if it's a good motel.
Paul Price
Yes, if any hotel chain were to actually decide to act on that atheist recommendation, I would hope that there would be just such a response from Christians.
Norman P.
I have stayed in many hotels in the course of my work at conferences and so on, and seen the familiar Gideon Bible in pristine condition in many a top drawer. I sometimes put the marker to John 3:16. However, it grieved me that the whole culture - both guests and management - were so contrary to God's word. There would be an argument, now, that rather than offend guests of other faiths, secularism should be promoted across the board as "the antidote to all religion, the source of the world's most dangerous conflicts". I am mindful of two things: (1) Christ hid his message in parables, once his own rejected him; (2) the Bible itself prophesied the very trends spoken of here. We lament these trends; but has the time come for God's word to be written in flesh and blood, as the final testimony?
Brendan J.
Frank Zindler's statement is somewhat misleading where he mentions ....'the discovery of biological evolution'. This implies that biological evolution is a fact which it certainly is not. It is a theory and a very flawed one at that. Words such as contrived, invented or formulated seem to be more appropriate.
Grahame G.
Once again atheists demonstrate that the opposite of the Bible is Darwinian evolution and the two cannot possibly be compatible.

We have our gospel that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, and they have their "gospel" that we are just animals and sin doesn't exist.

And how dumb would a hotel manager have to be to think that promoting the second message will be better for business? Short term, maybe. Long term, definitely not.

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