David Whyte

David Whyte

Creationist physicist and food researcher


David Whyte has a B.Sc. and M Sc(tech) 1st class from Waikato University in applied physics. He has multiple patents, and multiple scientific papers on mastitis and farm analysis of milk. David has worked in the areas of opto-electronics, visible to near infra red spectroscopy, fluidics and viscosity measurement, animal physiology, and biochemistry.

David was born into a evangelical family, and introduced to creation material from an early age. The books, resources, and creation talks he was exposed to during this time gave him a strong counter balance to evolution growing up. He was also encouraged to question assumptions, and not to fear the unknown.

David has presented international scientific conferences on milk sensors, as well as developing the theory and criteria for the EU standards for blood in milk. He has also formulated a theory of mastitis development, and human breast milk analysis. Some of the technology he developed was sold internationally for use in robotic milking systems.

David has lectured undergraduates on business of science at Waikato University, and taught post graduates about infant nutrition (aka breast milk). He has published a book on optimal vitamin intake, and written articles for lifestyle publications. Also an award winning artist, David now runs an organic citrus orchard on permaculture / biological farming principles.


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