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Defending Genesis is popular!

The world’s most-widely read creation publication marks an anniversary!


2018 marks the 40th anniversary year of CMI’s landmark publication Creation magazine. In the early days of the modern creation movement, there was a dearth of creationist publications. Yes, there were some books, and VHS/Beta video tapes, but in 1978 in Australia, a country with a small percentage of Christians, Dr Carl Wieland believed that a regular periodical would help Christians keep up-to-date with the latest information to counter evolution. So, the very first issues of Creation rolled off the presses, or rather off Carl’s hand-driven, ‘Gestetner’ copying machine.

And now, 40 years later, it is a full-colour family magazine with subscribers in over 100 countries.

No advertising—just filled with answers!


As you can imagine, with such a wide and popular circulation, we have been approached numerous times with offers to advertise in the magazine, but we have steadfastly declined many generous offers. It’s not that there is anything wrong with promoting other worthy Christian endeavours, it’s just that we felt such advertising would send the wrong message when we promote the magazine. CMI is a faith-funded ministry, and our main method of reaching and equipping families is through ministry events, primarily in churches. We conduct over 1,000 such events globally each year. And at these events, our aim is to equip Christians and their families with information that refutes the incorrect view of our origins that is pretty much taught to everyone—and almost every day.

You see, one or two talks at an event, by themselves, can’t teach or equip much, because a person simply can’t remember enough of the information. But they do create awareness that there is a ministry providing answers to what is widely promoted as the only ‘scientific’ view of our origins, i.e. evolution. And, constantly, people approach our speakers and say things like “I had no idea there was evidence for Creation.” For example, Joshua K. wrote:

“Going through primary school, I was happy to accept both evolution and God, thinking that they were completely reconcilable and evolution wasn't an issue to Christianity. In high school my love of science took off and so my mother took my sister and I to a CMI conference. It was then and there that I realized that evolution wasn't an undisputed fact. I bought a stack of Creation magazines and over time was able to challenge my view of human origins. In the end I had to choose between my faith in God & the Bible and my faith in human speculation. God won! My faith has been strengthened immensely over the years that succeeded that time, and I owe the catalysis of my journey deeper into faith to CMI. Thanks so much CMI!”

Changing lives for 40 years!

So, at events, we can honestly say that it’s not about ‘selling books’ but about getting these life-changing resources, and especially Creation magazine, into the hands of believers. Think about it, this material is not readily available. It is not at your local library, bookstore, or newsagent! And Christians not only use Creation to inform themselves, but also to reach others, doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Iain K. emailed his testimony:

“Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know how Creation Ministries was instrumental in my decision to follow Christ. About 27 years ago I was what I considered a devout atheist, I disliked people of any religion, considering them as weak and ill … [A] Christian also handed my friend some Creation magazines which of course were then handed to me. At first, I thought this was ridiculous because science had already proved evolution. I soon saw that the more I looked at the evidence for creation and the gaping holes in the evolution story, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of life started to fall into place. I came to believe in the Creator God of the Bible and that if I didn't do something about it soon I was going to miss the boat when He came back. I have been an avid subscriber to Creation magazine since and use the evidence for creation in all my witnessing. May God continue to bless CMI and all who use their ministry.”


Subscribing others is easy evangelism

Justin R. approached me at an event and subsequently emailed:

“Thank you for your ministry. As a child a family friend bought me a subscription to your Creation magazine. I attended public schools where evolution is taught but with the information provided to me through your magazine my faith was never shaken by evolution. I am now a Sunday school teacher and my favorite topic is showing God's glory through creation. I attribute your magazine as a major contributor to the strength of my faith and my love of science. Thank you again.”

The best of 40 years—now available

If you think that Creation magazine has easy-to-read articles that are great to share, then we have the ultimate resource for you. Defending Genesis presents a ‘highlight reel’ of the best of 40 years of Creation magazine. It’s hard cover, 128 pages and full colour—a perfect gift idea! Better still, we’ve selected some of the most potent answers for the most-asked questions that people have on the issue of origins.

Doubting friends or children who have left the faith?

It still amazes me that for 40 years we have been able to, with the Lord’s enabling, produce a proven soul-winning magazine without the need for advertising, and thanks to our donors also for providing the funds for this to happen.

Published: 13 December 2018

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