Dr Don Hardgrave

Dr Don Hardgrave


Dr Don Hardgrave spent four years school teaching in both primary and high schools prior to ministry. He trained in Melbourne and Brisbane, and has participated in the planting and ‘re-potting’ of many churches from 1972. He obtained his MA in 1982, Doctor of Biblical Studies in 1989 and added a Grad. Dip. in Christian Ministry and Theology in 2015.

He has exercised pastoral ministry alongside other responsibilities, especially camp ministry, to high schoolers and young adults. Helping youth find a meaning and purpose for their lives is a special passion. He served in the Wesleyan Methodist Church as National Superintendent for three years and Queensland Superintendent for eight years. A great lover of history, he has done special research on John Wesley’s small group meetings and their place in strengthening and consolidating a spiritual awakening.

Don is the author of a number of books, including serving as editor of a songbook in today’s English. He lectured in Switzerland and in the USA during his long service leave in 1995–6, and more recently home in Queensland. He is currently providing training in Brisbane and regional centres for the Baptists, Wesleyans and the Salvation Army, as well as speaking occasionally for CMI.


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