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Roman Catholicism and Genesis
A Roman Catholic priest and Ph.D. physicist shows how biblical creation was the traditional view of the Church Fathers and medieval Church Doctors and makes sense of science.
by Michael Oard
Does God judge sinners?
And how does Jesus’ death allow sinners to go free and be reconciled to God?
by Shaun Doyle
The use of creation in the Old Testament
Is creation an important Old Testament doctrine outside of Genesis?
by Lita Sanders
The Fall and the existence of other religions
If there is only one true god, then how come the world today has diverse religions?
by Lita Sanders
Luther on evolution
Luther on evolution
by Paul Bartz
How does God relate to time?
God has no beginning or end, but what does that mean for how He relates to time?
by Shaun Doyle
The Church Fathers on the Genesis Flood
The Church Fathers were practically unanimous in affirming the historical reality and global extent of the Genesis Flood.
by Paul Garner
Modern medicine?
by David A. Wise
Politicizing Scripture
When politics becomes the measure for a Bible translation, it is a perversion of Scripture, no matter whose politics are involved.
by Lita Sanders
Will the New Heavens and Earth be physical?
The whole point of the eternal state is that it’s a restoration of the world to the way God originally created it in Genesis 1—very good.
by Shaun Doyle
The first book of public hygiene
by David Wise
Noah’s Ark and salvation
Biblical language could not be clearer; Noah’s Flood had to be a global event.
by John Hartnett