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Adam and Noah: two beginnings
The parallels between Creation Week and Noah’s Flood underline the worldwide nature of the Flood.
by Don Batten
Our Triune God
How do we explain how God is Three in One?
by Lita Sanders
What the New Testament doesn’t say
The New Testament doesn’t specifically cite every detail from Genesis 1–11; and this is evidence for creation’s importance in the earliest church.
by Lita Sanders
Jesus on the age of the earth
Jesus believed in a young world, but leading theistic evolutionists say He is wrong.
by Carl Wieland
Who really is the God of Genesis?
Does Genesis chapter 1 mention the Trinity?
by Russell Grigg
Does God have body parts?
Moses describes God’s activities in human terms such as speaking, seeing, hearing, walking, etc. Should we regard these descriptions as being ‘literal’?
by Russell Grigg
The Church Fathers on the Genesis Flood
The Church Fathers were practically unanimous in affirming the historical reality and global extent of the Genesis Flood.
by Paul Garner
Genesis 1 and theories of origin
Dr John Dickson responds to Prof. Zuiddam’s criticism of his attempt to make room for secular origins ‘science’ in Genesis 1 and Prof. Zuiddam replies.
by John Dickson and Benno Zuiddam
The Fall and the existence of other religions
If there is only one true god, then how come the world today has diverse religions?
by Lita Sanders
Is God ‘simple’?
Does God have parts?
by Shaun Doyle, Tas Walker
Morning has broken … but when?
The Hebrew of Genesis 1 forbids long ages before, during or after Creation.
by Russell Grigg
What’s in a name?
Why did Moses use different names for God in Genesis chapters 1 and 2?
by Russell Grigg