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Pre-Fall seafood
What fish ate before the Fall
by Keaton Halley
Christian apologists trip over the age of the earth … again
A Christian advocate of millions of years of death and ‘natural evil’ before Adam is challenged to answer the dilemma this poses, namely that it implies that the Creator God is a moral monster.
by Thomas Fretwell
Why did God allow sin at all?
Could God have created a world where nobody sinned? If so, why didn’t He?
by Shaun Doyle
Farming frustrations? ...
Despite the latest technological advancements and increasing scientific knowledge, it is still hard work to successfully grow our food.
by Jack Walker
What about those who have never heard the Gospel?
When we think about those who have not yet heard the Gospel, our response should drive us to evangelism.
by Lita Sanders
Will the New Heavens and Earth be physical?
The whole point of the eternal state is that it’s a restoration of the world to the way God originally created it in Genesis 1—very good.
by Shaun Doyle
Paris attacks inspire anti-religious sentiment
A street pianist’s performance shows a lack of understanding in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.
by Paul Price
2nd Century Church Fathers: God will make lions vegetarian again
Second century Church Fathers believed God would end animal suffering and predation.
by Benno Zuiddam
Cecil the lion: should we care?
Global outrage over a hunter killing an African lion highlights the contradiction between care and concern for the treatment of animals and blind, pitiless evolution.
by Martin Duboisée de Ricquebourg
Did Adam understand what death was?
Is it possible that Adam could not have comprehended death if he had not seen death?
by Charles Taylor
A meat-eating parrot!
New Zealand’s kea is blamed for the deaths of thousands of sheep.
by Paula Weston
To catch a kinkajou …
This south American carnivore ignores meat-baited traps, but goes bananas over bananas!
by David Catchpoole