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Age of the earth
Data from many different sources point to a young age for the cosmos; not billions of years.
by Don Batten
2 Peter 3:8—‘one day is like a thousand years’
by Jonathan Sarfati
Pre-Adamic man: were there human beings on Earth before Adam?
The Bible in no way supports the theory of pre-Adamites, so why do some Christians accept it?
by Russell Grigg
The Fall: a cosmic catastrophe
The Bible clearly teaches that death is the result of Adam's sin. This is a major problem for long-age compromise. Even human death alone is enough to sink this false view. Animal death is another nail in the coffin. This paper also refutes Hugh Ross's misinformation about plant death.
by Jonathan Sarfati, CMI–Australia
Adam and Eve
What does the Bible tell us about our earliest ancestors?
by Lita Sanders
Who was the serpent?
Did a snake really speak to Eve?
by Russell Grigg
First Adam—Last Adam
Both are vital to the gospel, but exactly how?
by Russell Grigg
Is the age of the earth important?
My Christian friends don’t think it is
by Tas Walker
Adam and the animals—Day 6
God created Adam and Eve and land animals on Day 6.
by Russell Grigg
RNA Vaccines
RNA vaccines have been developed to fight COVID-19. Are they dangerous? Will they modify our DNA?
by Robert Carter
The lost squadron
WWII fighter planes abandoned on a Greenland glacier were found 50 years later, already under 75 metres of ice.
by Carl Wieland
How long were the days of Genesis 1?
What did God intend us to understand by the Hebrew words He used?
by Russell Grigg