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Homemade & Hands-On Lessons!
Home made play dough/doh and finger paint
by Lisa Barthuly
Need a science/nature project? Seed identification might be the ticket!
Need a Science/Nature Project? Seed Identification Might Be the Ticket!
by By Mari Almon
Doing it right
Thinking of having an outreach event in your community with a CMI speaker for non-believers? Read this article first to learn how plan an effective outreach and avoid disappointment.
by Calvin Smith
Evangelism for the new millennium
by Ken Ham
Sunflower Seeds
growing sunflowers
by Carolyn Hurst
My Life as an American Patriot
Study ideas for the Revolutionary War (the American Revolution).
by Lynda Holler
Five things you may not know about Noah
Noah’s global Flood followed some 16 centuries after Creation. He took his family and animals on board, including dinosaurs, but not tigers or zebras. Do you know why?
by Lucien Tuinstra & Philip Robinson
Vale Dr John C. Whitcomb (1924–2020)
It is hard to overstate the influence Dr John Whitcomb on the modern creation movement
by CMI staff
Leaving a lasting legacy
Christian parents can ‘fire-proof’ their children’s spiritual foundations and leave a lasting legacy by honestly answering their questions and defending the Bible as God’s inerrant Word.
by Gavin Cox
The West
The American West: pioneers, frontiersmen, cowboys, Indians.
by Jennifer Steward
Homeschooling in Britain’s “Nanny State”
Homeschooling in Britain's "Nanny State"
by Bruce Garrison
Worldwide Home Education
Homeschooling increasing worldwide.
by Gail Kappenman