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Human embryos before implantation
Answering the question about the status of human embryos between fertilization and implantation in the womb.
by Keaton Halley
Just how precious is human life?
What value do we place on human life—in the womb, and later in life—and what role does our worldview play?
by Lucien Tuinstra
Bill Maher admits abortion is murder
Comedian Bill Maher makes a shocking admission about abortion, agreeing with the pro-life position.
by Keaton Halley
Another pro-life argument
There are many good arguments against abortion. A Belgian doctor writes in with another one.
by Thomas Bailey
The U.S. revisits Roe vs Wade
The United States has been lit aflame with both excitement and anger in response to the recently leaked Supreme Court draft
by Bruce Lawrence
Monkeying around with human embryos?
Modern science allows us to perform experiments on human embryos that are contrary to Scripture. What should our response be?
by Dr Robert Carter
Deeply unethical research uses aborted babies scalps attached to mice to test human immune responses
Scalps of aborted babies were grafted onto mice to test human immune responses to bacteria. This represents new lows in science, whereby humans are brutally treated like commodities.
by Gavin Cox
The obscuring of God’s image will hurt society
Today, as has been true throughout history, people do what is right in their own eyes. Society’s straying from God, and blurring His image in individuals, is harmful all round.
by Lucien Tuinstra
Doctors with no limits
Should doctors preserve live, or be involved in ending it? DIY abortion pills are by definition not safe, and women have needed emergency surgery, and had mental health problems.
by Lucien Tuinstra
Of cows and man
For humans, but not for cattle?
by Mark James
Just let the baby die—it’s Darwinism!
A chilling look at the logical result of Darwinism.
by Gary Bates, Lita Cosner
Abortion Choices
Abortion involves at least three choices which involve personal preference, the value of human life, and whether to take responsibility for one’s actions.
by Thomas Bailey