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Horsetails are ‘living fossils’!
Long familiar to keen gardeners, horsetails are ‘living fossils’, unchanged from their supposedly ‘prehistoric’ ancestors.
by David Catchpoole
Golden oldie
Today, Koelreuteria lives in its natural state only in China, Japan and Korea. Why so far from its fossils found in USA and Germany?
by David Catchpoole
Turtles fossilized while mating!
According to paleontologist Walter Joyce, ‘there’s really no reason to enter the fossil record while you are mating.’ He’s right—and wrong.
by David Catchpoole
Living fossil ray riddle
A living Shovelnose Ray is almost identical to a ‘dinosaur era’ fossil ray, a living fossil, challenging both evolution and geological time.
by no author
‘Lost world’ animals—found!
Cave drawings brought to life by exciting discoveries.
by Carl Wieland
Living fossils and ‘junk DNA’
Why do ‘living fossils’ and functions in ‘junk DNA’ present problems for evolution?
by Don Batten, Lita Cosner
Fossils in the wrong place?
Yes and no!
by Michael Oard
Living fossils: a powerful argument for creation
Sneak peek of latest Creation magazine. Dr Carl Werner discovered that the world’s museums contain fossils of many of today’s creatures, but found in ‘dinosaur’ rock. Why aren’t these fossils on display?
by Don Batten
Amber needed water (and lots of it)
New research reveals a clue as to how aquatic organisms (e.g. barnacles, clams) became entombed in amber.
by David Catchpoole
Horseshoe crabs invented themselves?
The latest discovery of a horseshoe crab fossil has evolutionists raving.
by David Catchpoole
Fossil ant found alive!
Better watch where you walk … lest you tread on an ‘extinct’ ant!
by David Catchpoole
‘Dinosaur fish’ lady dies
‘Dinosaur fish’ lady dies
by anon