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Why the Universe does not revolve around the Earth
Debunking absolute geocentric theory that ignores the work of many devout scientists and makes a mockery of the idea that we can understand the universe.
by Robert Carter, Jonathan Sarfati
How can distant starlight reach us in just 6,000 years?
Creationists have more in their armoury now to deal with that question than ever before—while the problems for long-age evolutionists just get worse.
by Mark Harwood
Is there definitive evidence for an expanding universe?
Some big bang cosmologists end up with the conclusion they want to find simply by turning the evolution knob.
by John Hartnett
Does the Bible really describe expansion of the universe?
What does ‘stretching out the heavens like a tent’ mean?
by John Hartnett
Multiverse theory—unknown science or illogical raison d’être?
A New Scientist columnist uses her own religious ideas to deny the existence of God, and then claims that it’s science.
by Gary Bates
The Galileo ‘twist’
Are historical mistakes being repeated today? And who’s making them?
by Russell Grigg
The mind of God and the ‘big bang’
Change in interpretation does not alter the evidence for large scale watery catastrophe.
by Russell Grigg
Mercury—the tiny planet that causes big problems for evolution
Mercury—the tiny planet that causes big problems for evolution
by Spike Psarris
Jupiter: King of the planets and testament to our Creator
This beautiful giant planet baffles evolutionary astronomers.
by Spike Psarris
Nuclear physicist embraces biblical creation
What made a Ph.D. nuclear physicist accept biblical creation? See how carbon-14 dating supports a ‘young’ earth! Jim is one of the presenters at our Creation Super Conference in Canada (August 2011).
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works
It promotes a worldview involving the big bang, but how truly scientific is it?
by Russell Grigg
Solar system formation by accretion has no observational evidence
No observational evidence
by Jonathan Henry