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Secularism is atheism
Once-Christian nations are now ‘secular’ (God-less); how did this come about?
by Don Batten
Sorry, atheists, but you’re wrong
Vicious, mindless, random acts of violence are on the increase.
by David Catchpoole, Warren Nunn
Thomas Nagel—The atheist who dared to question materialism
Neo-Darwinists are upset that an atheist philosopher has questioned their view of materialism.
by Warren Nunn
What Would You Think?
Surprising findings from a study on why people chose to become atheists.
by Michael Eggleton
Defining arguments away—the distorted language of secularism
How key terms in the origins debate have been defined to slant the ‘rules of engagement’ between Christianity and secularism against Christianity.
by Shaun Doyle
Brain split between atheism and theism
A neurologist describes a case where two parts of the brain seem to have conflicting beliefs about God’s existence, and mockingly asks which ‘entity’ will go to heaven?
by Carl Wieland
Handling Aggressive Atheists
How should a Christian respond to a hostile critic?
by Keaton Halley
The totalitarian intolerance of the New Atheists
The brother of an ardent anti-creationist highlights the devastating effects of atheism.
by Dominic Statham
Atheism, evolutionism and families
Are atheists really gentle homebodies in the ‘quiet middle’? Or are they actually rabid provocateurs at the noisy extreme?
by Douglas Oliver, Stuart Burgess
Answering a reasonable atheist on deep philosophical questions
Atheist argues that meaning and morality are possible without God.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Atheists in the pulpit—the sad charade of the Clergy Project
When the American Atheists convention was told “I’m a pastor currently serving a Methodist church … and I am an atheist”, the crowd hooted and clapped for over a minute.
by Dr Albert Mohler
Atheism—no objective morality?
Does common human agreement on morality make it objective?
by Don Batten