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Faith can move mountains (but it can’t change history)


Illustrated by Caleb Salisburyfaith-move-mountains

When a British writer was risking arrest some years ago for denying that millions of Jews had been put to death under Hitler’s leadership of Germany,1 I remember thinking:

  • If he sincerely believes what he says, even to the extent of being willing to risk jail, then his faith in the contention that there was no Holocaust is a very strong faith indeed.
  • No matter how fervently he might believe that the Holocaust never occurred, and no matter how many other Holocaust-deniers agree with him and vociferously support him, his belief cannot alter the fact that the extermination of millions of Jews and others really happened. Holocaust denial cannot change what really happened in the past. It’s history.

Similarly, I know many Christians whose faith in Jesus is commendable, but who equally fervently believe that the worldwide Flood of Genesis 6–9 was not global, but only local. They argue that a ‘worldwide’ flood could refer to a limited area of the planet, wiping out only the limited zone of human (and presumably, animal and bird) habitation that they posit up to that time. They also happily accept millions and billions of years prior to man’s appearance. (They usually don’t realize that this idea comes from the secular interpretation of the fossil ‘record’. This puts death and suffering, carnivory and thorns, before Adam’s sin—contradicting God’s Word.)2,3

However, even though those global-Flood-denying Christians might have a faith in Jesus that can move mountains (Matthew 21:21,4 1 Corinthians 13:25), they cannot change history. Even such ‘mountain-moving’ faith could not alter the fact that all the high mountains of the world that existed when Noah was a boy6 were subsequently submerged during his 600th year (Genesis 7:19).7

Thus for all the high mountains under the whole heaven to have been so inundated, it cannot have been a local flood, but global.8,9,10 This makes sense of the billions of fossilized plant and animal remains in sedimentary rock right around the world—even in the highest mountain ranges (e.g. Himalayas).11,12 The fossils are not the ‘record’ of evolution and extinction over millions and billions of years as evolutionists claim, but rather a legacy of the global Flood about 4,500 years ago, and events since.

Richard Dawkins has faith, too (and it can’t change the past, either)

Leading evolutionist Richard Dawkins has done much to try to rewrite history, claiming evolution, not God, explains our origin. And he says that evolution is still happening today. But when challenged to provide evidence of observed microbe-to-man mutational changes, Richard Dawkins falls short.13 His fallback position is:

“Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.”14

That sounds like faith to me. It certainly matches the Bible’s definition (Hebrews 11:1):

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

In fact, it is more of a blind faith than biblical faith, which was always linked to evidence—e.g. the many eyewitness reports of Jesus’ resurrection. Biblical faith is never contrasted with evidence or reason, but with sight. Richard Dawkins has not seen evolution happening, but it seems he sure hopes it’s true. But his faith in a godless origin, no matter how strongly held, and no matter how many people fervently agree with him, cannot change what really happened in the past. The fact that God created the earth and the rest of the universe about 6,000 years ago is real history, and no-one can change it. Even if they can move mountains.

Posted on homepage: 13 October 2014

References and notes

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