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Response to ‘gay marriage’ article objections; CMI shows questioner that Christian faith is logical
19 Aug 2006
A gay man took issue about an article on ‘gay marriage’; the response explains the biblical teaching and refutes pseudo-Christian objections. In the second feedback, a then-new Christian (now a guest writer for CMI) explains how logical answers from CMI were instrumental to her conversion.
Bomb-building vs. the biblical foundation
02 Dec 2006
A critic disputes that a biblical foundation is necessary for ethics. The response shows why it is, and points out the real ethical problem for atheists.
by Jonathan Sarfati
CMI answers philosophy/religion professor on biblical exegesis and the problem of evil
02 Jun 2007
Why is there suffering in the world? And how do we explain some of the ‘harsh’ laws of the Old Testament?
Questions regarding abortion and ethics
Abortion is one of the great atrocities of our age. So how can we argue successfully against it, especially against the decree, ‘leave your faith out of politics’?
Presuppositions required for science, ‘Christian’ v atheist atrocities, defending the faith
09 Dec 2006
A critic misunderstands what creationists actually believe about natural selection, and downplays the difference between operational and origins science. The response also explains the propositions needed for science to work.
‘Female inferiority’ raises questions
See the difference in the attitude towards women between the Bible writers and the founders of evolution.
Archbishop James Ussher—blundered or brilliant?
Origin of life questions, and what biblical creationists really believe
07 Feb 2009
CMI commended for providing answers that pastors wouldn’t, and helps refute atheist’s chemical evolution propaganda and misunderstandings about biblical Creation/Fall model.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Anti-creationist slanders are back-to-front: the evolutionary basis for racism, eugenics and Nazism
Intolerance and fundamental conceit
Literal vs plain interpretation
Feedback claims young earth creationism cannot be reconciled with the bible.
National Geographic readers switch to TJ [now Journal of Creation]