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Creation challenge: leave the Bible out of it
24 Aug 2023
Is secular ‘science’ the final authority for a Christian, or the Bible?
by Jonathan Sarfati
‘Does it matter which is right?’
23 Feb 2008
A questioner asks why Genesis should be taken as real history. Isn’t it just an account written for primitive people telling us that God created, so we should leave the details to ‘science’?
Defending vital doctrines and the deity of Christ
08 Dec 2007
Do we really confess Jesus as God? To understand New Testament confessions, it is important to understand the Old Testament basis. Many Old Testament references to God/YHWH/Jehovah are applied to Jesus.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Christian chemist’s assumptions lead to accusations
18 Nov 2006
A theistic evolutionist accuses CMI of neither understanding science or the Bible. The response explains the difference between facts and interpretations, and between literalism and interpreting in context.
Da Vinci Code apostate challenges CMI
12 Aug 2006
A reader has used the Da Vinci Code as an excuse for leaving his former professed faith. Dr Sarfati’s response exposes many fallacies of this, and provides advice on how to handle works like Dan Brown’s.
Presuppositions: the evidence doesn’t speak for itself
21 Nov 2005
Reinforcing the Darwin–Hitler connection and correcting misinformation about slavery and racism
03 Oct 2005
Reader objects to Darwin–Hitler link, blames Christianity for slavery, racism and the Crusades. We respond, and point out the Christian basis for the abolition of slavery in Britain 200 years ago this year.
Let God be true and every man a liar
06 Aug 2005
Let God be true and every man a liar
What about abortion to save the mother’s life?
22 Feb 2005
What about abortion to save the mother's life?
Why wouldn’t God use evolution?
Setting the record straight … again
Feedback for the week of December 5, 2005