Feedback 2005

# Article Title
1 What about abortion to save the mother's life?
2 Clearing up creation confusion
3 Reader questions motive of CMI’s response to tsunami disaster
4 When it comes to my body, "leave the choosing to me"
5 Are vaccines biblical, safe or effective?
6 Clearing the name of Christ
7 Misunderstandings about One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism
8 Agnostic asks whether biblical Christians commit circular reasoning: role of axioms, internal consis
9 CMI and Spetner questioned on soundness of science
10 CMI's UFO specialist made strong appearance on national/secular radio program
11 A commendation for faithfulness
12 Poll results—fake or fact?
13 Creation challenge: leave the Bible out of it
14 AiG/CMI article adds 'insult to injury' for creationists?
15 Not losing any sleep
16 Creationists use 'lowbrow' tactics?
17 The character of God questioned
18 Why use apologetics for evangelism?
19 What’s the problem with theistic evolution?
20 Defending vital doctrines and the deity of Christ
21 Commentary's claims are out of step with the Bible
22 Presuppositionalism vs evidentialism, and is the human genome simple?
23 Theistic evolutionist answers CMI’s questions
24 "What I needed was 'creation evangelism'"
25 Feedback on CMI–Australia vs Skeptics
26 Creation magazine stands the test of time
27 Christian chemist's assumptions lead to accusations
28 Former long-ager finds freedom in a literal Genesis
29 Feedback on Dr Sarfati's response to "Christian chemist"
30 "Let God be true and every man a liar"
31 Da Vinci Code apostate challenges CMI
32 "Educated, encouraged, equipped and emboldened"
33 The times are changing and so should we?
34 A disservice to humankind?
35 Hypocritical … dishonest … fallacious? CMI?
36 Revisiting a ‘worthless’ explanation
37 Does Genesis hold up under critic's scrutiny?
38 Refuting criticism
39 The Charles Darwin / Adolf Hitler connexion & correcting misinformation re slavery, racism
40 The Hebrew language and Messianic prophecies
41 Is CMI "in a dizzy"?
42 A sceptic's challenge
43 "Does it matter which is right?"
44 Presuppositions: the evidence doesn’t speak for itself
45 Does scripture allow for the gap theory?
46 Recollections of an ex-gap-theorist
47 Setting the record straight … again
48 Why wouldn’t God use evolution?
cat: 195
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