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Plenty of time
18 Dec 2010
For oil reserves, for distant starlight to reach the earth, and for God (who created time)
by Jonathan Sarfati and David Catchpoole
Is the Bible our sole final authority?
04 Dec 2010
How do we know which books should be in the Bible which should not?
by Lita Sanders
Compromising chaplain castigates creation, round 2
27 Nov 2010
A school chaplain takes issue with our previous comments.
by Lita Sanders
Is Genesis poetry? and Who was the father of hermeneutics?
20 Nov 2010
This weekend feedback discusses the origin of the non-literal interpretation of Genesis, and who deserves the title ‘Father of Hermeneutics’.
by Lita Sanders
Soil formation and the age of the earth
13 Nov 2010
Soil formation is often invoked as a death blow to the historical reliability of the Bible and justify evolution over millions of years.
by Tas Walker
Genesis, history and Haeckel’s diagrams
06 Nov 2010
Is Genesis history? And universities still use Haeckel’s fraudulent embryo diagrams!
by Jonathan Sarfati and David Catchpoole
Flood legends, and creation in the science class
30 Oct 2010
Is the Genesis account the original and most reliable Flood narrative?
by Jonathan Sarfati and Tas Walker
Do parents have the right to teach their children?
23 Oct 2010
Children are not yet capable of sorting through truth claims themselves, so who will teach them how?
by Lita Sanders
Can bunny rabbits be saved?
16 Oct 2010
Since there is going to be a Restoration, will animals be saved to be part of the new creation—and if not, will animals be there at all?
by Gary Bates
CMI scientific blunder?
09 Oct 2010
Can methane be broken down into ethane? And yet another pseudogene has been shown to have a function, which further debunks the ‘junk DNA’ claim.
by Jonathan Sarfati, Robert Carter
Compromising chaplain castigates creation
02 Oct 2010
A theistic evolutionary chaplain explains why he blocked the Ark Van from his school. His errors in theology, logic and science are thoroughly refuted.
by Lita Cosner, Jonathan Sarfati
Animal cruelty and vegetarianism
25 Sep 2010
The Bible calls people to treat animals humanely, but does that mean we should be vegetarians?
by Lita Sanders