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Anisotropy Synchrony Convention
02 Mar 2024
What does CMI think about an alternative solution to the distant starlight problem?
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Dealing with claims of Bible ‘contradiction’
01 Feb 2024
Skeptics come up with Bible contradiction claims all the time—from the superficially plausible to the supremely preposterous. How do we deal with them? Also, does the Bible say pi = 3, and what does it mean by “God is light”?
by Lita Cosner, Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Answering close family on creation questions
15 Aug 2023
Biblical creationists are used to the outright rejection and ridicule so common in today’s world, but it can be very hard to deal with when it occurs within marriage.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Trinity: analogies and countering critics
10 Aug 2023
Answering questions about the Trinity: does God have parts, good vs. fallacious analogies, the Holy Spirit’s personality, the early Church’s recognition of the Trinity, what ‘God is one’ means.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Does yom with a number always refer to 24-hour days?
13 Aug 2022
2 Chronicles 21:19 and the meaning of yôm.
by Shaun Doyle
Did God use a big bang?
09 Oct 2021
Is the big bang compatible with God’s creation described in Genesis?
by Gary Bates
Genetic entropy and human lifespans
11 Sep 2021
If the human genome is degrading, shouldn’t lifespans be getting shorter?
by Robert Carter, Don Batten
Time, eternity, and the creation of the universe
30 Dec 2012
Can the universe be caused by something immaterial and eternal?
by Don Batten
Can we ‘conclusively’ say that dinosaurs were created on Day 6?
29 Dec 2012
We were not there, but the God of the Bible was, and we can trust His word.
by Lita Sanders
Physicist: Evolution more scientific than quantum mechanics?
23 Dec 2012
So why then is there no Nobel Prize for evolution?
by Don Batten
Sitting on the fence
16 Dec 2012
Either Jesus is Lord, or he was wrong.
by Don Batten
Why do some Christians suffer more than others?
09 Dec 2012
The Lord never promised his people freedom from suffering before until the eternal state.
by Lita Sanders