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Heavenly stretching and accelerated decay December 31, 2022
A discussion of cosmological expansion, inflation, and Bible interpretation, plus accelerated nuclear decay

Faith renewed December 17, 2022
CMI answers the doubts of Brendon, who says he has already been helped by dialogue with us and “returned to God”.

The age of the earth: The Bible is reliable. December 10, 2022
Nervous about taking a stand on the age of the earth? Prefer a less dogmatic approach?—Why the Bible can be trusted.

Medieval misconceptions December 3, 2022
Many people wrongly call the Medieval period “the Dark Ages”. But most of what people “know” about that period is wrong!

The Gabriel Revelation and Jesus' resurrection November 19, 2022
Does the New Testament plagiarize its notion of Jesus’ resurrection on the third day from the Gabriel Revelation?

Is the Genesis 3 curse 'unfair'? November 12, 2022
Is it 'unfair' that Adam's sin affects all creation?

Must God give people a chance at salvation? November 5, 2022
God is perfectly good. Does that mean he must give everyone a chance at salvation?

Is CMI’s Egyptian chronology confusing? October 29, 2022
A critic writes into CMI saying we are confusing when it comes to Egyptian chronology, and that Joseph’s pharaoh must have been an Egyptian.

Reincarnation, Jesus, and the Essenes October 22, 2022
Do ‘past life memories’ prove that Jesus was an Essene?

Does Conway's 'Game of Life' support abiogenesis? October 15, 2022
Does Conway’s Game of Life show that complex structures can arise from simple rules?

Jonah in a megalodon? October 1, 2022
Was it a whale that swallowed Jonah? If not, then what? Schoolboy counters common skeptic objection.

Newton a creationist because there was no alternative? September 24, 2022
Most branches of science were founded by biblical creationists. Some skeptics claim that there was no evolutionary alternative.

Aliens and Dark Matter September 3, 2022
A curious reader asks about dark matter, and a connection to the spirit realm.

God, the universe, tolerance and suffering August 27, 2022
A World By Design conference attendee submits six questions, on existential type issues of the sort most people ponder at some point in their lives.

Conversion, apostasy, and CMI’s approach August 20, 2022
Why words mean the same to man and God.

Does yôm with a number always refer to 24-hour days? August 13, 2022
2 Chronicles 21:19 and the meaning of yôm.

Were penguins designed for freezing cold environments? August 6, 2022
This week we feature a friendly query about penguin design.

Immeasurable Age July 30, 2022

How old is the earth and how can we tell?

How many kinds of great apes were there? July 23, 2022
How many kinds of great apes were there? And is rapid speciation a problem for biblical creation?

Distant starlight and the days of Genesis 1 July 16, 2022
How should we approach the distant starlight travel time issue? How do we argue against day-age theory?

Is the universe a simulation? July 9, 2022
Are we in the Matrix, or are we safe to assume that the world we’re in is real?

How does God relate to time? July 2, 2022
God has no beginning or end, but what does that mean for how He relates to time?

Sex abnormalities and transgender June 25, 2022
Activists argue that abnormalities in sexual development justify transgenderism, but the argument fails scrutiny.

Exodus evidence revisited June 18, 2022
Does the biblical account have support from archaeological remains in Egypt or elsewhere?

Did God simply shape the world like a pagan god? June 11, 2022
A student taking a religion class writes in to ask about some concerning claims made by the teacher.

Skeptic challenges biblical Flood account of chalk formation for the second time June 4, 2022
A skeptic challenges CMI’s position on chalk formation during the Flood, offering a second round of questions

Nucleobases and self-replication from non-living chemicals May 28, 2022
Can nucleobases form from a primordial soup? Can RNA self-replication arise?

Dicynodonts and ‘out-of-place’ fossils May 21, 2022
Giant mammal-like reptiles in the age of dinosaurs? Cretaceous dicynodont reclassified to Cenozoic mammal, otherwise it would be a proverbial Precambrian rabbit.

Would God make a world where He condemns everyone? May 14, 2022
If God does not owe anyone salvation, would He make a world where nobody gets saved?

Did Jesus have a body before the Incarnation? May 7, 2022
What type of body did Jesus have before the Incarnation? This Feedback question is answered with reference to John’s Gospel and the union of Christ’s divine and human natures.

Is ‘female’ the most ‘basic’ human state? April 30, 2022
Are men merely composed of ‘add ons’ to a basic ‘female’ template?

Is there absolute truth? April 23, 2022
Can we use the idea of ‘absolute truth’ to prove God is real?

The Bible vs slavery April 9, 2022
Many biblioskeptics attack the Bible for teaching racism and slavery, but it was actually biblical teaching that abolished these evils.

Skeptic challenges biblical origin of chalk April 2, 2022
But the evidence and arguments turn the tables and challenge the skeptic to reject evolutionary dogma.

England’s Mossdale Caverns March 26, 2022
How were caves like this formed?

Did Jesus die on a stake or a cross? And is God’s name Jehovah or Yahweh? March 19, 2022
Refuting Jehovah’s Witnesses: Did Jesus die on a stake or a cross? And is God’s name Jehovah or Yahweh? Why do English Bibles translate God’s name as LORD?

Balaam inscription March 12, 2022
Archaeology sheds light on the prophet Balaam from the book of Numbers. Explore the evidence that supports the Bible.

Chalk challenges deep-time dogma March 7, 2022
How the famous white cliffs of Dover testify to Noah’s Flood

Kalam cosmological argument: a good argument? February 26, 2022
What’s the difference between a good argument and a bad argument?

Process theism and biblical creation February 19, 2022
Is process theology compatible with the Bible?

Why is sin attractive? February 12, 2022
Did God make sin that way? Or is there something inherent in what sin is that makes it attractive?

‘Knowing good and evil’: what does it mean? February 5, 2022
What did Adam and Eve learn? How did God ‘know good and evil’?

Does Leviticus 19:19 prohibit the cross-breeding of horses with donkeys? January 29, 2022
Does Leviticus 19:19 prohibit the cross-breeding of horses and donkeys?

Curious about Curious Earth January 22, 2022
Tips for starting a creation evangelism market display

More questions on the dating of Mount St Helens lava dome January 15, 2022
See how they have been answered many times and understand the key concept to dismiss dating doubts

Elohim, the Trinity, and the relationship with Adam January 8, 2022
Response to a question on the triune nature of God in the name Elohim, and the relationship between the Trinity, Adam, and humanity as a whole.

Egypt’s Great Pyramid: constructed post-Flood using conventional technology. January 1, 2022
Commenter believes The Great Pyramid of Giza, was constructed before the Flood. CMI’s Gavin Cox responds.