Feedback for the week of July 18, 2005

Former long-ager finds freedom in a literal Genesis

I very interestedly read the article ‘Theistic Evolutionist…’ and Sarfati’s response. I’m consistently amazed at the tendency of Christians to put science over Scripture. But I know shouldn’t be: I too was once in the same position, teaching the long ages theory in Bible studies. Quite simply, it was AIG’s answers to the doubts that science had put in my mind about Scripture that brought me to the place where I’m now a firm believer in the literal nature of Genesis 1–11. Such a perspective actually enhances my understanding of science and provides much more opportunity to marvel at God’s wisdom in creation and all we see around us. While for the scientists it is their pride that blinds them to the truth, I believe for Christians like ‘DD, USA’ it is the lack of submission to Scripture - really, to ALL that Jesus said and did, including His crystal clear understanding of Genesis 1–11 as literal history. knowing that Scripture can withstand the attack of this most popular of ‘scientific’ dogma has set me free to accept all of it so much more - I may still struggle with parts of the Bible, but at least I’m sure the problem is with me, not it!

Uday Rao

Published: 3 February 2006