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Whence the craziness enveloping the once-Christian ‘West’?

by  Managing Director, CMI-Australia

Published: 5 March 2019 (GMT+10)
Extra, March 2018 (Creation magazine insert)

In the once-Christian world of ‘the West’, we seem to be awash in crazy thinking, which gets crazier by the day:

  • Same-sex ‘marriage’; who would have thought even 20 years ago that such a notion would not only be seriously contemplated, but legislated in countries that only a generation ago designated homosexual behaviour as a prosecutable crime?
  • Gender-bending ideology being taught to children in schools. In Australia it was implemented in the deceptively-titled ‘Safe Schools’ program and even funded by Federal and State governments. It’s called by other things in other countries. Even primary-school aged children are being encouraged to question their ‘gender’, as if this was something different to their biological sex. This causes ‘gender dysphoria’ where a boy might begin to think in his head that he feels like a girl, or vice versa. Children are even encouraged to experiment with homosexual behaviour. These programs amount to grooming children to be confused about their sexuality and to become ‘gay’ in their behaviour. A statement by the American College of Pediatricians said, “Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”1
  • Laws being passed to erase one’s birth sex from birth certificates; for example, in California.
  • Regulations being enacted to make it an offense to call someone by a pronoun that reflects their biological sex when the person prefers ‘other’ gender pronouns (or even ‘non-gender’; neither male nor female).
  • There is a movement to try to get equal rights for animals as for humans.2 There is even talk of ‘rights’ for robots!1
  • Legalization and promotion of abortion in the name of ‘Women’s rights’ that allow killing of a baby in his/her mother’s womb right up to the full term of the pregnancy. The law in Victoria (Australia) allows for this, merely on the say-so of two complicit medical doctors.
  • The push for liberal euthanasia laws that facilitate the elimination of those who are deemed a burden on society.
  • Environmental regulations that protect man-destroying animals over humans.
  • And much more.

What is the root of this craziness?

These things are symptoms of peoples who have turned their backs on God, our Creator. The Apostle Paul says in Romans 1:18–21

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. (emphasis added)

When people abandon the knowledge of God, He gives them over to ‘futile thinking’, and we see it all around us today, as our nations have abandoned God and His Word, the Bible.

When we discredit the Bible as the foundation of our customs and laws, what do we lose?

  • That we are made in the image of God, and as such that we are rational beings who can have logical thoughts. If we are a product of a random process, an explosion of nothing to produce everything (the ‘big bang’), where our brains are the product of billions of chance mutations, why should we trust our thoughts to be rational? And then there is no such thing as truth and we have the ‘postmodern’ outlook that judges according to feelings and hurts, rather than any objective truth.
  • That God made us in His image (Genesis 1:26), so human life is ‘sacred’. Thus, Christians throughout history have cared for the unloved and the unlovable. It was Christians who adopted orphans and started hospitals, etc. Today, who are the forgotten, uncared for? For a start, think of the millions of innocent babies with their lives snuffed out in abortion.
  • That God made us male and female (Genesis 1:27), not an alphabet soup of genders. The modern gender bending ideology is ultimately an attack on God’s plan and purpose for us and for human flourishing.
  • That we are fallen creatures (Genesis 3), and so we need redemption through what the Lord Jesus Christ has done. Our fallen-ness manifests itself in all manner of deviations (sin) from God’s perfect purposes for us, but we have a wonderful hope available in Christ. That hope is expressed like this:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

And so, we produce Creation magazine, a subversive, counter-cultural publication that endeavours to re-establish that which has been lost. As a result, those who have lost their way in this present toxic culture come to faith in Christ and into a right relationship with God. And so, we see people come to fulfil their God-ordained potential, along with human flourishing as we honour of God.

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Readers’ comments

John D.
Talk of rights for robots? How is that a problem? Bots can be people too, you know. BOT RIGHTS!
Don Batten
Annique D.
I agree with Don's message but would like to point out that though there a worldviews that are inconsistent with the Bible that are widespread today, that has always been the case. Not the same issues, but we must be careful with painting the past as rosy. Like yes today abortion is legalised in many places which is unbiblical and wrong but a century or so ago women were still being very much oppressed in tr west and before that Africans were sold as slaves because the west saw them as inferior. Like Solomon said, nothing is new under the sun. Also can we discuss these issues with more empathy an sensitivity please? See the idea that gender and sex are different is not a contradiction since it is the axiom their view is based on. Its a different way of explaining things, which helps people with gender dysphoria which is a real thing not to be laughed at. It is biblically wrong to act on those thoughts and faulty in reasoning as radical feminists are pointing out - how can you define gender if not by biology? Society is reverting to outdated untrue stereotypes about men and women to define the intangible gender. But surely we as Christians should be slow to judge as the church has embraced those very stereotypes for years. (E.g. girls are more emotional and like sewing more than engineering etc.)
Don Batten
I did not mean to imply that the departure from a biblical worldview is only a recent phenomenon and that for 2,000 years everything has been just rosy. Not at all. I was referring to recent history, with the departure from the generally held biblical worldview of the first half of the 20th century. Before the Great Awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries there were very dark times in America and the UK, for example.
Regarding gender dysphoria, my remarks were directed at those who cause such psychological problems by confusing children with 'progressive' education agendas, not those who suffer with such afflictions.
Normal M.
I will just post a small comment in order to practise my English and eventually start a philosophical, ideological and theological debate if and with the ones of you who will answer me. I have no wish to see this finish in insults, hate or disrespect so don't count on me to start these things.
Going straight to the point, I don't believe in the same things that you. However, I do agree with a considerable part of the article particularly the fact that things are going crazy in our today society. But, some things that you pointed out are perfectly normal for humans. For example, the fact that animals are not under specices compared to us and that now society is slowly waking up for it, it's for me how you could say "thank God!".
Don Batten
The comments section is not a forum for debates, as pointed out in the conditions of posting, and also pointed out was the wealth of material on creation.com that answers all manner of debating points, so you need to check that your issues have not already been answered. We don't like to be repeating ourselves; time is precious!
Your view that animals are not beneath humans in importance reflects a non-Christian worldview. Christians believe that we were made in the image of God and therefore human life is 'sacred' unlike any other creature made by God. However, because other creatures were created by God, and we are stewards of God's creation, we have a responsibility to care for them, not abuse them. Hence organizations like the RSPCA were started by Christians. In a materialistic view, no life is sacred. No life is precious. According to evolution, the fit survive; that's all. This does not ennoble animals but demeans humans; and hence we have a culture of death (of humans) being pushed today. There is no caring for creation, other than borrowing it from Christianity. See Conservation
Ian B.
This has been going on for a long time. In 1940, a book was published, it's title, "THE CONTROL OF LANGUAGE" by Alex King and Martin Kelty. It was used in schools to alter language meanings and uses. C.S.Lewis was so incensed that he wrote a book, "THE ABOLITION OF MAN" released in 1944. Lewis's book pointed out the dangers of King's and Kelty's book leading to the turning away from universal moral laws. It made the point that the future humans would eventually be made in man's image, not God's image. In 1944 Freidrich Hayek, an economist, and not a Christian, also warned of the same end, in his book, "THE ROAD TO SERFDOM". For an enlightening review of Lewis's book see the complete summary of THE ABOLITION OF MAN.at the Dallas Baptist University website.This process which has been going on for nearly 80 years now, [that's two generations] Some of the people subject to this education are now in positions of authority.This explains why we have been subjected to ever increasingly radical education programs. Another result of this is that people educated under this system no longer think the same as people educated under the traditional system. It's almost like trying to communicate with someone from a different planet. It follows that Christianity has to be eliminated, as it is in direct opposition to the radical beliefs of the new men. In another of Lewis's books, GOD IN THE DOCK, on the last page,he writes, "We thus advance towards a state of society in which not only each man but every impulse in each man claims carte blanch. And then, though our technological skill may help us to survive a little longer, our civilisation will have died at heart,and will, one dare not even add 'unfortunately' be swept away." Tough times ahead! Come Lord Jesus, come.
Terry W.
Batten down the hatches! It's time to Don the spiritual armor! And feel free to put that on your bio page ;)

Great article. I like to point out that homosexuality and paraphilia of any kind is "condemned" even by evolutionary biology: If it's not a man and a woman, there's no child, and evolution is the theory of reproductive advantage, correct me if I'm wrong.

"Regulations being enacted to make it an offense to call someone by a pronoun that reflects their biological sex when the person prefers ‘other’ gender pronouns (or even ‘non-gender’; neither male nor female)."

That's a bit of an understatement in Canada: the Criminal Code isn't considered a mere 'regulation'. The infamous C-16 is the bill that amended it.
David W.
I was the victim or a barrage of abuse by both genders growing up, I really was singled out for some pretty terrible stuff. I accepted Christ at an early age, and I know God took that seriously, because for the rest of my life I struggled with seeing God as cruel and evil. I also struggled with sexual deviancy of almost every kind, and I know that what those men (And women) did to me as a child distorted my idea of intimacy and forced me to deal with it alone. I remember being in high school and seriously considering going through with the gender changing surgery (I was born male).

Now that I am 39 I am still struggling with things, but not as bad as before (Though sometimes it seems as bad or worse, I have never been happier or more well adjusted), and I am SO VERY GLAD i did NOT have the surgery. I try and tell those considering it to wait. Wait a year or two or twenty. Because it cannot be easily undone and the positive aspects of it are few and vastly overstated, whereas the negatives are overwhelming. People who support such things are actually supporting the abuse and foolishness of a person that can lead to suicide later on.

You have to be 18 to own a gun or join the military, 21 to own a pistol and drink alcohol, but you can be 5 and taken seriously when you want to change something that will forever alter the path of your life, like your gender... It is literal insanity...

If a person cannot be happy with the way God made them, then changing their gender surely will not help, either. But for some who have suffered similarly in childhood as I did, accepting your birth gender can be almost impossible to do, and only through God can one ever hope to be comfortable in their birth gender.
Rickie C.
This crazy world we live in is the result of the Supreme Court removing the Christian teaching out of the public schools. This was the way secular humanists were able to fill the void with their religion of godless atheistic evolution. Now all they had to do was brain wash the public school teachers in college so they could go to the local schools and do the same to our children. Then those children would grow up to be teachers and get the same indoctrination and the circle repeats itself. Then over time you change a country’s culture and you get what we got now “Godlessness”
Peter H.
re: comment by Matthew C. March 7 -
Wow! What a masterful and concise synopsis of the problem in less than three lines! Problem stated in the first line and solution in the second. Of course, it is understood that a basic premise of "God's truth" is found in Romans 3:23 - choose your favourite translation ...
William H.
Easy answer in 4 words. BREAKDOWN OF THE FAMILY
Don Batten
Yes, but why has the family broken down?
John C.
Not to be overlooked in considering the growing disdain for religion, and especially Christianity, is the regrettable flourishing and prominence of the patently heretical "Christian" flim-flam artists who dominate cable and satellite television. I refer to the "prosperity gospel" hustlers and con artists, whose sole motivation is self-enrichment, and who often, though wrongly, come to be seen by the non-religious world as representative of Christianity in general. Mainstream Christianity, for reasons I fail to understand, is largely derelict in its obligation to publicly expose and oppose these false teachers.
Robert B.
I see the ease in which the world has become so debased considering the heart of fallen man, and for the younger believer it can be stressful. We know that a one world government is in the works and has been for many years, and for that to be, any sense of morality and godliness must be removed as much as possible for the nations to agree to such a thing. So for myself, I do take comfort in seeing it in the sense of the Lord's return, possibly in my own lifetime.
Robert B. US
Garry R.
Foundations support the building....
Satan said he will build a world system bigger & better than God the Creators...
...So a Bent people, drinking in bent water, on a bent world. He invented a Bent Ball Earth in a bent ball universe...
God clearly says that he makes our way straight & level 100's of times.
the Devil says you can never know peace, your ball is belting about at over a million mph
But God says "Be Still & Know I AM God" the earth is fixed & cannot move
Praise God Daniel 12:1-3 talks of endtime believers rediscovering the dome & level special creation.... the Deviles delusion is huge & the whole world has bought into it.... It's High Time to awake
Daniel says revival flows from understanding that Genesis points out it is a closed system ... the Dome holding back the waters above & below
The Stringline is His Justice & the Plumb-bob is his Righteousness.... Both are "Impossible" on a Ball as we are seeing played out daily.... Foundations Matter
Peter N.
Western craziness is partly due to our failure to obey Jesus command “to make disciples of all nations” (Ma.28:19). We don’t defend the gospel: we are NOT “always ready to give answers for the faith we have” (1Pe.3:15). Our Western church decline correlates to acceptance of billions of years of evolution: first in science; then seminaries; then pews; finally in Bible translations.

Let me explain:

In debating Genesis with influential Christians who believe in billions of years of evolution AND a literal Adam & Eve I found they relied on English translations of Genesis with subtle corruptions. E.g. Gen.1:27 in some translations uses only ‘mankind’ whereas Hebrew has [a’dam], meaning ‘man’ or ‘mankind’, while the same verse also includes [ha’a’dam], meaning ‘a man’, or ‘the man’. Such translations allow belief in soul-less Homo sapiens before Adam.

Similarly, some translations have Ge.1:1 as: “In the beginning God created the sky and the earth”. This allows various gap theories, e.g. claiming the Bible doesn’t answer “On What Day Was Planet Earth Created?” as an SDA article asks – and claims Gen.1:1 is best rendered: “In the beginning God created the sky and the arable land.”

I was shocked that all such corrupt translations that facilitate attempts to make the Bible agree with long ages of evolution seem to post-date 1970.

But we can NOT logically reconcile long ages of evolution and the Bible. Hence many Christians avoid the topic, while others lose their faith, and atheists and agnostics know they can win a debate with compromising Christians by showing belief in long ages and Genesis is illogical.

So the church has lost confidence in public life and both Western church and the West are in decline.
Rodney P.
Yes, what amazes me is the gullibility of so many people who swallow such nonsense. It reminds me of 2 Thesolonians 2:11 "And for this cause (because they received not the love of the truth) God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie".
Matthew C.
Feelings over facts! Doesn’t matter what the truth is, if I “feel” it is true then it is and you must agree with me or you are hateful and a bigot. Feelings are a good thing but if they override God’s truth then they need to be re-examined.
Seth C.
Jesus called on us to judge with a righteous judgement. Much like the Bereans, we must test ideas, situations, doctrines and people against scripture. Paul's letter to the Galatians list the Fruits of the Spirit for easy reference. Solomon wrote of the things God hates in his proverbs. In Deuteronomy, Moses gives us the key to understanding all the laws given to the Israelites, which is expounded upon in the Gospels, and between those we have many examples what to do, and what not to do. It's a powerful set of tool that the rest of the world refuses to pick up and use.
Cameron N.
The worst kind of feeling concerning the current state of the world is the rapidly growing indifference. This feeling of never truly being able to stop things for good forever. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being outraged. The depths of grand ungodly actions continue to spread their depravity with the passage of time. It's just so deep now... What can anyone do?

I have been studying the rapid moral decay since I became a Christian at 12. The problems are so deeply entrenched now and so ever present that I can't help but feel helpless concerning it all. I fear becoming a Christian that has lost it's savor, or lukewarm. I'm all cried out so to speak. I know the Lord is in control. I just hope that in some ways He can find a use for me to combat the evil that grips the world.
Don Batten
I sympathize. However, the light shines brightest in the darkness. The light has to be visible to do any good, not hidden, as Jesus pointed out. Keep our eyes on Jesus, not the world, to maintain our joy and focus (look up, not down).
Seth K.
I'm a relatively new Christian, thanks to Creation Ministries. I'm a life-long right-winger. One of the things that boggles my mind the most is how Christians can be leftist democrats. I just can't wrap my head around it. I know it's presumptuous of me, but I can't help but to feel that they are the "tares" of the church. Everything the modern left stands for disgusts me. And most leftists, while Atheists, have an "excuse." They've turned their backs on God and have lost all wisdom. But what about the Christians, who ostensibly have *not* turned their backs on God, and yet buy into all of this leftists nonsense that is completely undermining not only western civilization, but everything that is good and holy in this world? How can Christians fall for this stuff? Would love to get some scripture that explains this one to me. Thank you.
Don Batten
Thanks for sharing that we were instrumental in your conversion; that is encouraging to us! And welcome to God's 'forever family'!
I can't think of a scripture that explains your conundrum. I have been a Christian a long time, and I still puzzle over how someone who professes Christ as Lord and Saviour could vote for anyone who supports abortion of babies up to term (e.g.). But then, how can a 'real' Christian not accept the historicity of Genesis 1-11 (but I did that at one time!)? In my experience the two issues are entwined; those who refuse to accept the authority of Scripture in Genesis (e.g. theistic evolution) also tend to be the ones who vote 'crazy', whose voting is not informed by Scripture, but by the culture around them (and the media).
John B.
We can add to your quote of Romans 1, with verse 25, "who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator...". We are certainly seeing evidence of this today, even to the point where we are worshiping ourselves, viz humanism. Keep up the good work.
Dan M.
Thanks for clarity in a muddied world.
Remember these issues are the symptoms of the real problem, namely us, (sinners). The bible is AA for sin-aholics but if you don't recognize you have a problem, you can't deal with it. Like all sin, drinking carousing and drunkenness was fun until the consequences appeared later on.Then comes the misery!
Purely scientifically, we are male and female, nothing in between! Everyone who wants to know, knows that. Like so much science nowadays social irrational science and unprovable social hypotheses abound and are gaining stride in this fallen world. We elect the leaders who allow this depraved of mind social situations to stand and when a leader stands up for what is right, He or She is demonized which is the opposite of what is really happening! The people who oppose the gospel are on the side of satan, but some don't see it. The people who applaud this trend to paganism scream that we Christians are intolerant. I have found those that scream intolerance are the most intolerant of all. For if we are so intolerant, how did all this get started? Did we force their children into Sunday school to brainwash them? No! Our framers of the constitution gave freedom of speech and religion to prevent subjection of the public. The left doesn't realize it but they are framing their own demise. When governments get full control of the public, fascism prevails! ALWAYS! Don't believe me read your history. It is repetitious.
My pastor, rightly says the last prophesy to be fulfilled is the rapture, (taking up). So it seams clear to me we are in the last days, (no predictions on when He will return).
Our job is to sow seed. God calls to the heart. So let's take this CMI material, sow and don't look back.
Remember, we ultimately win! AMEN!
Jordan C.
This whole liberal gender movement is absurd! Simply, if the definition of male/female are biologically determined and English standardized pronouns are so that male=he and female=she, then if a biological male believes he is a she, that is simply a contradiction of terms objectively. The pronouns are in reference to biology. The only way around this is to redefine the terms of either biological male/female or to redefine he/she. But then by redefining terms the point raised by the liberal is moot, and without redefinition the point is defeated by a contradiction of terms. They attempt a bait and switch by using the word “gender” instead, which is a reference to a person's feelings, which are without objective definition, meaningless. The term gender, if not objectively rooted and intrinsically connected to its biological counterpart, biological sex, the term becomes arbitrary. If we rely not on objective definitions and instead refer to merely subjective feelings for “definitions”, a coffee pot might as well be a rat trap, and an alarm clock, a rattlesnake! That would indeed be an awful morning!
The Law of Non-Contradiction could be expressed as follows:
A = A
A is not, non-A
If A, then not non-A
Charles S.
My wife and I watch the news in disbelief at the speed at which our nation is declining ethically and morally.
The present rate of decline is accelerating exponentially leaving us wonder just how much longer.
I no longer see a long range future for the West as it would take an act of God to reel it back in from it's tumble into
godless socialism.
We once had people of upright character representing us in government but now, every aspect of
what was good is under attack. Whether this means the Lord will return sooner or later, who knows but if
it is later, this nation (USA) is going to suffer greatly and may not survive very long as a republic.
In these times, it's best to stay dressed.
Chuck R.
Where the West and the rest of the world now finds itself is a clear demonstration of why the 1st Commandment is the most important Commandment - when we abandon God, it opens the doors wide for all types of evilness and wickedness to enter in and our evilness creates all these supposedly unsolvable problems we now face.
Bill P.
I'm blown away by what has taken place in my lifetime. I remember clearly prayer being outlawed in public schools, abortion protected by law, etc. I was born and raised in the inner city, a very rough area, yet even the poorer families in my area during those early yrs. had both mothers, and fathers doing their best. BUT, thanks to progressives, families are punished for doing the right thing in raising their families, and houses w/women but no fathers are rewarded by "the state". I'm surrounded by these homes now and see many male visitors drinking and doing drugs in front of these little children. (I speak the truth here). I've even tried being a good role model for these children, (buying a few gloves and baseballs playing catch with the boys), Then a day I'll never forget, a little girl came up to me while I was doing yard work and began to talk to me. She was very sweet and I'd always hear the mother in the house cursing at her, so I was kind to her. One day we were talking and the mother came out the front door and started telling her I was a mean old man and was going to do her harm. I'll never forget the fear in her face and her running away from me. I just looked at her mother and shook my head. Calling social services does no good, I've tried several times.
We can all take comfort though when we remember what our Lord said about these days and how it will be one of many signs of His soon return. We do what we can to share The Gospel (Truthfully) to any who will listen and we must remember that it is only The Living God who will bring an end to these evils. Don't give up on the "Blessed Hope" we have in Him.
TY for the work you do.
William H.
I agree wholeheartedly with what you say concerning society today however your solution to the problem assumes that those who believe this stuff attend church and read the bible. Unfortunately those poor souls do not attend church nor read the bible. In fact, they block out any opinions contrary to those which they believe and designate organizations such as creation.com as hate groups. What you propose is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.
Don Batten
I'm glad you agree about the problem, but I fail to see how what I suggested in any way aligns with "your solution to the problem assumes that those who believe this stuff attend church and read the bible."
The only solution suggested was:
"And so, we produce Creation magazine, a subversive, counter-cultural publication that endeavours to re-establish that which has been lost. As a result, those who have lost their way in this present toxic culture come to faith in Christ and into a right relationship with God. And so, we see people come to fulfil their God-ordained potential, along with human flourishing as we honour of God."

This is an important tool that Christians have to reach the lost, who are, as you say not generally connected with any church. My solution does not assume anything about the people being connected with a church. Sharing Creation magazine assumes nothing about a person's church connections, and nor does witnessing in general. Us Christians need to reach the lost with the Gospel; that's the solution.
Michael B.
And in every step of the crazy the children suffer. Those not killed before birth are told they are of no value, those who see themselves as no value try to make themselves over into something different that might somehow be considered of value urged on by those who claim to be compassionate but only throw accelerant on the fires, in the end none of them has hope unless the Hope of the world is brought into their lives.
S H.
Completely agree about calling this 'grooming'. The desire for so-called 'equality' could be truthfully described as state sponsored indoctrination, with anyone who dares speak out being silenced, causing us to ask who the real 'bigots' are. Even scientific and evidential studies or media articles if they do not conclude positively towards this agenda are silenced (reminding us all of the same approach in regard to evolution funnily enough!) Ironically, this highlighting of 'difference' is in itself both the cause of inequality and greater problems - society reaping what it sows. The Christian voice and the Word of God is not the 'problem' but the only solution, so silencing it only brings further destruction. As one Christian author writes, "When an idol fails you, the real culprit turns out to be the person who has urged you to worship it - not the person who has tried to take it away." The enemy's time is short, the Gospel is growing and so the ferocity is increasing. But God is still on the throne and is working out his plan. Our part is to get involved to show what real truth is and what God's real love looks like - to set free the prisoners and release the captives.
Revd W.
Planet of the human apes? One can be tempted not to reason with the Deep State, as it is called, because its officials and employees, and hangers-on, seem to have lost the ability to reason. However, we must withstand this temptation and continue to reason with them even if we think, at times, that we are speaking to inanimate matter. They do tend to label reason, wisdom, moderation and genuine loving care as 'far-right', 'hate', 'intolerance' and 'bigotry' but once you have let them have their mad hour - like I do some of my year 9 kids - you may get a little bit of reason out of them. Just smile at them and Praise the LORD. It does work. And keep up the good work too. Do not let them get you down: they are narcissistic and even sadistic, but the Lord will give you patience, truth and humour to deal with them.
Russell N.
Dr. Batten,

Thank you so much for writing this article. When I was a very young boy, I could have never imagined the world--and our country--that we now live in. Yes, it is "crazy," and getting "crazier by the day." At age 5 or 10, I never could have imagined back then where there would come a time when animal life would be more important than human life, namely, more important than unborn babies--and now more important than babies that have been born! Watching Cuomo sign into NY law that babies can be aborted right up to the very moment of being born, & seeing all the people in the room with him standing & cheering about it, I knew that I had just witnessed the totally evil bottomless pit of depravity! Just unbelievable!
I too thought of Romans 1; but I also thought of Romans 2, where Paul tells us that all unregenerate people will be without escape on the day of judgment, and all the evil they do in this lifetime will be like coals these people put upon their own heads for the day of their judgment. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes!

And as a boy, I could have never envisioned a time where claiming to be the opposite sex would become more credible than the gender a person is born with! And now there is even "talk of 'rights' for robots!"?? Yes, euthanasia is next.

Dr. Batten, I want to thank you so much for all of your resources, especially your DVD (now MP4 download): Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception. This means so much to me because it is the GREATEST PROOF AGAINST apes turning into humans that I have ever found! It further strengthens my faith in God, that all of us are eternally valuable in God's eyes, because HE created all of us humans in HIS image! And we Christians will also get to spend eternity with God, now that's beyond any words!
Murk P.
Thanks Don
I think and lament over these things on a daily basis - appreciate you putting it out there.

It’s beyond absurdity to think we can determine reality as it relates to gender. God made it plain he made only 2 and we come into the world as one or the other
(Those advocating that mankind legislates what is in this arena are not those suffering from another sad effect of the fall)

So I wonder - do we not need an identity (that we did not determine) in order to attempt to determine that another part of our identity (in this case gender) is within our power?

Blue Wednesday flies faster.

Makes more sense.

Thanks for pointing out why people who wilfully attempt to not retain the knowledge of God go off the deep end - as Paul so clearly wrote down many many years ago.

I pray that the children today are not deceived by the abhorrent effort to ruin them.
And that parents see this deception for what it is and protect them.
James K.
Animal rights? Pshaww thats last year’s insanity, the wackos are now saying vegetables can ‘think’ and ‘feel pain’. Some are even advocating for a full fruit diet, no nuts or vegetables allowed.
John P.
A great article, Don. This stuff going on today reminds me of Jesus's words when He was talking about the days of Noah.Peter prophesied about this sort of thing as well When people would rather believe fairy stories and myths this is the result. No wonder kids are not interested in science as much. One thing is certain. We are witnessing the demise of western civilization and quite possibly the end of the church age.

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