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Journal of Creation Volume 2 Issue 1 Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 2 Issue 1

Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 2, Issue 1
Published April 1986
189 pages

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Mutations and design in cellular metabolism
Paper by John Leslie
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A radical reconstruction of ancient history
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The times of the Judges—The archaeology
Paper by John Osgood
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The times of Abraham
Paper by John Osgood
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A better model for the Stone Age
Paper by John Osgood
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Times of the Judges—A chronology
Letter to the Editor
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The historic Jonah
Paper by Bill Cooper
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The skeletons from Guadeloupe—Report of the excavators
Paper by David Tyler
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The Guadeloupe skeleton: Further evidence
Paper by Kurt Wise
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The Guadeloupe skeleton: A reply to Wise and Tyler
Paper by Bill Cooper
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The Guadeloupe skeletons—Some further comments
Paper by Malcolm Bowden
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The geology of the Clerc site, Guadeloupe and its implications
Paper by John Mackay
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The suspect “proof” of relativity
Paper by Malcolm Bowden
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Carbon-14 dating, tree-ring dating and speed of light decay (a preliminary model)
Paper by Barry Setterfield

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