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Journal of Creation Volume 26(2) Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 26 Issue 2

Journal of Creation

Volume 26, Issue 2
Published August 2012
127 pages

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Kelp could have produced abundant dropstones during the Flood
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Mercury’s magnetic field is fading fast—latest spacecraft data confirm evidence for a young solar system
Perspective by D. Russell Humphreys
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Is Archaeopteryx a feathered dinosaur?
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Finch beaks point to a Creator who provides
Perspective by Jean K. Lightner
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Problems with the evolutionary interpretation of limb design
Perspective by Dominic Statham
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Elasmosaurus? No, you goose …
Perspective by Carl Wieland
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Woolly and Columbian mammoths likely the same species
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Just-so evolution story
A review of Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God by Greg Graffin and Steve Olson
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
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Biology well described, but evolution hardly a fact
A review of The Fact of Evolution by Cameron M. Smith
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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Scientific orthodoxy, theological innovation
A review of The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion by Peter Harrison (Ed.)
Book Review by Daniel Davidson
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Soft secularism is no solution
A review of Worlds Before Adam: The Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age of Reform by Martin J.S. Rudwick
Book Review by John K. Reed
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Did God really communicate to man through the Bible?
A review of Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? Who They Were and Why You Should Care by C. John Collins
Book Review by Greg Demme
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A theological challenge to biblical creation
A review of Darwin, Creation and the Fall: Theological Challenges by R.J. Berry and T.A. Noble (Eds.)
Book Review by Lita Cosner
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Intelligent Design in review
A review of Intelligent Design 101 by H. Wayne House (Ed.)
Book Review by Daniel Davidson
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Where is Noah’s Ark?—a closer look at the biblical clues
Letter to the Editor from Anne Habermehl. Reply: D. Russell Humphreys
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Is Darius, the king of Ezra 6:14–15, the same king as the Artaxerxes of Ezra 7:1?
Letter to the Editor from Brian Schuh. Reply: David Austin
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Argon diffusion data support RATE’s 6,000-year helium age of the earth
Letter to the Editor from Gary H. Loechelt. Reply: D. Russell Humphreys
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Wisdom literature and the question of priority—Solomon’s Proverbs or Amenemope’s Instruction
Viewpoint by Patrick Clarke
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A new magnetic field theory and Flood model—part 1
Viewpoint by Don Stenberg
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A new magnetic field theory and Flood model—part 2
Viewpoint by Don Stenberg
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James Tour—leading scientist and Darwin skeptic
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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An impact Flood submodel—dealing with issues
Paper by Michael J. Oard
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Evaluating potential post-Flood boundaries with biostratigraphy—the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary
Paper by Marcus R. Ross
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An evaluation of codes more compact than the natural genetic code
Paper by Royal Truman
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Three early arguments for deep time—part 3: the ‘geognostic pile’
Paper by John K. Reed and Michael J. Oard
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Did the Nazis rewrite the Bible?
Paper by Russell Grigg
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Terry Hamblin—creationist and pathbreaking scientist
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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Defining arguments away—the distorted language of secularism
Essay by Shaun Doyle