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Journal of Creation

Volume 36, Issue 2
Published August 2022
127 pages

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3–5 Polar dinosaurs: evolutionary conundrums and biblical solutions
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
5–7 Greenery beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
8–9 Plans underway to drill supposed 1.5-million-year-old Antarctic ice
Perspective by Jake Hebert
10–12 Attempted rescue of the impact model for the origin of the moon
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
12–13 Central rotation in globular clusters: an indicator of relative youth?
Perspective by Jake Hebert
14 The most ancient Proto-Hebrew inscription ever discovered!
Perspective by Gavin Cox
15–16 Blushing—another evolutionary enigma
Perspective by Jerry Bergman
17–19 Darwin’s unpaid debt to Patrick Matthew
A review of Science Fraud: Darwin’s plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s theory
(Mike Sutton)
Book review by Andrew Sibley
20–21 The importance of being Adam
A review of Adam, Where Are You? (And Why This Matters): A theological evaluation of the evolutionist hermeneutic
(Willem J. Ouweneel)
Book Review by Ting Wang
22–24 In the Beginning: welcome affirmation of creation
A review of In the Beginning: Listening to Genesis 1 and 2
(Cornelis van Dam)
Book Review by Benno A. Zuiddam
25–27 Documenting the obvious
A review of Darwinian Racism: How Darwin influenced Hitler, Nazism, and white nationalism
(Richard Weikart)
Book review by Jerry Bergman
28–33 Longwinded, sometimes interesting, and marred by evolutionary presuppositions
A review of Is Atheism Dead?
(Eric Metaxas)
Book review by Gavin Cox
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The promises and pitfalls of correlating Y chromosome genetics to human history
A review of Traced: Human DNA’s big surprise
(Nathaniel T. Jeanson)
Book review by Robert Carter
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Strengthening the Shishak/Shoshenq synchrony
Viewpoint by Gavin Cox
50–57 The marring of creation and some implications for ecosystem functioning
Viewpoint by Warren Shipton
58–60 The igneous origin of salt deposits and structures
Coutering the Critics by Stef J. Heerema and Gert-Jan H.A. van Heugten
61–65 Evolutionary misogyny: anthropometry and women’s inferiority
Essay by Jerry Bergman
66–71 Clean-up and analysis of small datasets can distort conclusions
Research Note by Royal Truman
72–80 Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 2—kinetic and thermodynamic data
Paper by Royal Truman
81–89 Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions: part 3—condensation to form oligopeptides
Paper by Royal Truman
90–96 When and how did the marsupials migrate to Australia?
Paper by Michael J. Oard
97–105 Interface systems and continuous environmental tracking as a design model for symbiotic relationships
Paper by Tom Hennigan, Randy Guliuzza, and Grace Lansdell
106–111 Puzzle of the missing angiosperms in the fossil record
Paper by Warren H. Johns
112–115 The Victoria Institute—the forerunner of modern creation science organizations
Paper by Andrew Sibley
116–123 What’s wrong with being wrong: a closer look at evolutionary ethics—part 1
Paper by Marc Kay
124–128 The implications of Chaos Theory for understanding creation
Paper by Andrew Sibley