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Creation 35(2):6, April 2013

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I seem to know more than my teachers




A couple of years ago, a young Facebook friend commented that he had been reading “creation stuff” for years, and that it was “a lot of fun”. Matthew went on to say, “I have actually found that I am acing biology (specifically evolution) because I seem to know more about it than my teachers.”

Matthew was excelling in his studies because he understood the scientific concepts. And that is the purpose of Creation magazine—to present the science in such a way that it is absolutely clear. We want people to read the magazine, which is why we make it “fun”, with attractive illustrations and a vocabulary that is family friendly.

The problem is that evolutionary thinking permeates our culture today, and people accept it without thinking. It’s taught in schools and colleges. It’s presented on the television and it’s in the news. The thought that God created this world, including all the people in it, is treated like a fairy tale. But in this magazine we show that there is solid evidence for creation.

In this issue you can marvel at some of the high-tech designs in nature that reveal the wisdom and power of the Creator. We tend to take design for granted until someone points it out. Check out the remarkable wing design of butterflies (p. 28), and the equally incredible light transmission structures in the humble firefly (p. 50). Discover some of the features in the design of a scorpion (p. 56), which engineers copy and use to advantage.

Our culture tends to discredit design in nature, claiming that evolution did it over millions of years. They assume evolution trumps the Designer, but they have not thought it through. We don’t want you to believe in creation because we say so. That’s why we examine the evolutionary claims so you can see for yourself that they are not all they are said to be.

In the article The Three Rs (p. 47), David Catchpoole shows in a simple and humorous style that evolution is impossible. There is no way that evolution can change pond scum into poodles. If you understand these three concepts you will be able to evaluate any new claim made on the news or in your child’s textbook. This is the sort of information that helped Matthew understand evolution, so he seemed to know more about it than his teachers.

We continue featuring notice boards from around the world, where the secularists keep saying this world is millions of years old. In this issue we visit a remote headland in Scotland (p. 18), an icon of the secular worldview. We reinterpret the evidence on the board and show how it supports Noah’s Flood.

Our scientist interview is with astrophysicist Marcus Blietz (p. 34), one of many top-notch research scientists who believe in creation.

Creation magazine is committed to challenging evolution and strengthening families. Some do not like what we publish and try to refute it. Our article about the stegosaur carving at Angkor, Cambodia (p. 41), is a case in point. In this issue we revisit that carving and answer the objections that have been made. It turns out that it is an even stronger evidence for the truth of the Bible.

Enjoy your Creation magazine. When you have finished, pass it on to your family and friends. We hope it is “a lot of fun”, as you learn and as you share. May your confidence in the truth of God’s Word develop, and your commitment to the Creator and His purpose for your life flourish and grow.

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Readers’ comments

Achsah F.
I love science but I used to wonder why I couldn't always grasp things like evolution or abiogenesis. Was it too abstract for me? I now realize that it just wasn't making logical sense in my brain, and thanks to CMI I have learnt and understood much in just a few months. Logical reasoning has really helped me grasp things. :)
Cowboy Bob S.
This happens to us frequently at The Question Evolution Project. Proponents of goo-to-you evolution will give us outdated, incorrect, irrelevant and even fraudulent "science", then get angry that creationists know more about what they're saying than they do. Also, they deny that it's possible. We've been told, "No creationist knows more about evolution!" Wanna bet?
R. M.
Dear CMI -

The young man said "... because I seem to know more about it than my teachers.”

The operative word here is "seem."
Tas Walker
Hi Richard, I would encourage you to check out Psalm 119:98-100.
Jerdan S.
This seems like a good article to post my question about spontaneous generation. I am currently taking a course on agronomic diseases and as part of the introduction we had to read an article on spontaneous generation. In that article it stated something to the tune of, " this was a popular theory during this time because it was thought to prove the power of God and how he can create life." This is not a direct quote but you get the idea. To me this seems like an idea that would support evolutionary theory much more than God's creation. Creating something from nothing is the staple of evolution, is it not? If you could maybe weigh in on your thoughts of this disproved theory and how it relates to creation and evolution.

-Thank you
Tas Walker
If you search for articles on "spontaneous generation" you wll likely find the answer you need to your question.
Peter C.
Hello, is there any likelihood of Creation magazine appearing in retailers such as WH Smith? It would be great to see it on the high street.
Tas Walker
Indeed, it would be great. It's not easy with the sorts of commercial constraints often placed on such an arrangement. It does appear in selected newsagents in Australia due to the efforts of a CMI supporter.
Don R.
Matthew, young Facebook reader, knew more about his teachers, because of what Psalm 119.99 says, "I have more understanding than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation." See also verses 98 and 100. Thanks for the article.
Jeannette P.
The only thing I dislike about these "sneak peeks" is that there is less to read when the magazine itself finally arrives! ;-)

It is really brillliant that this young man knows more about Evolution than evolutionists! It beautifully demonstrates the truth of Psalm 119:99 "I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes."

The ironic thing is that evolutionists think it is because we "YECs" don't understand evolution that we disbelieve it! They imagine that if it was properly explained, and if we were less stupid and stubborn then we would accept it.

Yeah, and pigs might (in millions of years of course) eventually sprout wings and learn to fly!

Can't they get it into their heads that many of us don't believe in evolution BECAUSE we understand it? And also because we have a far more credible alternative that stands up far better under scientific scrutiny than evolution does.
Judie S.
"There is no way that evolution can change pond scum into poodles."
It just hit me!
The reason the joke, "It's raining cats & dogs: I just stepped in a poodle!" is funny, is that it is pure nonsense to think a puddle & a poodle can ever be alike!
Malik C.
I'm 17 and it was thanks to you guys at CMI that I was able to see the truth more clearly. Or better yet it was God who sent you to me so I could see the truth more clearly. Thanks to finding you guys last year I can say I know a lot more about evolution than most of the evolutionists I've met. God bless.

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