Muzzled in Minnesota!

8 August 2000

As we have reported on this website, Minnesota (USA) science teacher Rodney LeVake has been struggling to be reinstated to his high school biology position after being demoted for critiquing evolution in his class. A district court judge dismissed Mr LaVake’s suit against Faribault High School and its school district (near Minneapolis) a few weeks ago, and on July 24, Mr LeVake filed an appeal with the state court.

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Mr. LeVake is clear: although he is a Christian, he will not teach creationism in his biology classes. He merely wants his students to know that evolution is not a fact. Incredibly, the district court judge in June ruled that LeVake could be forbidden to criticize evolutionary ideas even “though [his arguments] may be scientifically meritorious.” (Rice County District Court, cited by WorldNetDaily.com). As we remarked on this website recently, Mr. LeVake’s case continues the pattern of anti-Christian/pro-humanist decision-making coming out of the United States judicial system. We trust that the state court will not tolerate academic censorship and will overturn the unreasonable decision of the district court.

Mr LeVake is simply asking for the freedom to teach the grave problems with evolution, and not even to bring religion or creationism into his biology classroom. His high school and the current court system have thus far been successful in muzzling Mr LeVake and have denied his constitutional right of free speech.

Published: 15 February 2006