Feedback 11 July 2003

‘Very clever’

HA HA HA HA! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. I especially liked the way you explained how dinosaurs were created. On the 6th day was it? Very clever.

Yes, what is so funny about this? I always laugh when people believe they died out millions of years ago. I can tell they fell for the lie of the century and haven’t even noticed. It is a sign of blind faith in the religion of evolution. What kind of evolutionist are you? P.E.? Neo?

I'm a twenty-one year non-delusional journalism major.

It seems you believe evolution without question—that sounds very delusional as well as un-objective.

People like you are quite pathetic.

Please describe people like us; I’m interested in your view.

I feel sorry for you.

But being an evolutionist, the feeling of ‘sorry’ is merely a response action in your brain due to a chemical imbalance that is neither good nor bad. So your comment, via your own philosophy, is meaningless.

I bet you don't have much fun in your life.

Quite the contrary! But once again, the feeling of fun is based on a reaction of chemicals in your brain that is neither good nor bad via your own philosophy since good and bad do not honestly exist in an evolutionary framework. So why would fun be a frame of reference for your accusation? Why should ‘fun’ be considered desirable?  Masochists get ‘fun’ from inflicting pain on themselves.  In the evolutionary mind-set, there is no way that masochism is ‘bad’ and hedonism is ‘good,’ because it is all just the result of chance collisions of chemicals in a cosmos which is a cosmic accident itself.  Chemicals cannot generate the ‘oughts’ that many materialists irrationally cling to.

I know right now your probably thinking "well at least I don't live in sin like you". Guess what, I don't live in sin and I have a wonderful happy life.

Sadly, you are, but I can tell you have no idea what sin is by your email. Sin is rebellion against God. I can tell by your words and their blatant rejection of God that you refuse to listen to Him. This is sin, whether you wish to admit it or not. Sin is founded in Genesis 3 if you wish to research this further.

I was raised Christian.

But you were never a Christian; otherwise you would never have turned away. It would be better for you to say that ‘Christian morals were a guideline in your upbringing but you chose to follow another religion.’

I went to parochial school and church every Sunday. I am educated which is what most Christians are not.

Just because you were there doesn’t mean you are well-versed in it. You have obviously failed to realize the basic doctrine of what sin is, for a start. You are also unaware of the biblical passages referring to dinosaurs. I will agree that many Christians are ill-educated though. Does that make the Bible wrong? Of course not!  Many people who read Encyclopaedia Britannica are ill-educated, but does that mean that the encyclopedia is necessarily lacking.

Why? Because you are afraid of being proved wrong, that maybe there is no promised land.

Strangely you misrepresent the Promised Land (capital, by the way). The Promised Land was for the tribes of Israel being led by Joshua in conquest after wandering in the desert. It was already taken over thousands of years ago. This has been verified by archaeology over and over again.

As for being proved wrong, you have given absolutely nothing of substance to even attempt to show that we are wrong in even one article. If you make such a claim, then at least try to back it up with something. Thus you have violated our feedback rules.

Well after being educated and having religion shoved down my throat I decided religion was incorrect. There is no bases for it.

I want you to realize that you did swallow a religion. It wasn’t Christianity though. Please see The Religious Nature of Evolution.

The bible is simply a guidebook not a bases for your exsistance.

Actually it is the basis. Jesus is the Word made flesh in John Chapter 1:1–14. He created the universe and for His own glory. The Bible has a capital B by the way. The Bible is the basis for right and wrong.

You see, if God doesn’t make the rules then who does? Man does! But then the question arises … which man? How can one man tell another man that the other is wrong? Ultimately, each man decides for himself what is right or wrong. Stalin and Hitler were two people who understood their religion very well. So in an evolutionary worldview, the rapist is no more or less ‘moral’ than one who doesn’t rape. A murderer is the same as one who doesn’t murder. A thief is the same as one who doesn’t steal.

So I have made it my goal to disbunk religion.

Which religion—Hinduism, Islam, Evolution?

Trust me it won't be that hard.

Why would we trust a journalist-in-training with no science qualifications who incorrectly spells existence, debunk, and basis?  True most religions are easily debunked—especially evolution.

You Christians have no bases for anything you say or believe in.

Actually, we have the Bible! It is our basis and foundation for all our beliefs.

I on the other hand I do, science.

I also have science—fact is I have a master’s degree in it and my God created it. Can I ask what degree in science you’ve obtained? And I completely agree with science and the Bible. You seem to have some strange view that science and the Bible don’t fit together. God created the laws of science and when He speaks on it He is never wrong.

You need understand first and foremost that we all live on the same earth; therefore we all have the same facts and same evidences. I.e. we all look at the same dinosaur bones.

Next, we all have the same science. We all use the same equations and analyze via scientific laws. In fact, most major science fields were developed by Christians—Mendel, Newton, etc., not evolutionists.

People say ‘but science has shown the Bible wrong’ are misinformed for two reasons:

  1. It means they can't tell the difference between a scientific law and a conclusion.
  2. They reject God.

With respect to evolution, its view changes quite often and there are several views that can’t agree as is—such as Punctuated Equilibrium, Traditional Darwinism, and Neo-Darwinism. So, when you see it from this perspective you should notice something that you never saw before. There is the evidence and the facts which never change and then there are 2 ways to interpret that data. These are the beliefs we have about the past. When we look at this evidence we have one of these beliefs in minds—evolutionary or biblical. You have accepted the first (as your origins religion). I have accepted the second.

I can sleep better at night not thinking about what horrible things god will do to me if I don't do the right thing.

According to evolution, there is no such thing as right or wrong. You have no basis for it unless you go to God’s Word. Which god are you referring to anyway?

I am so much happier now without god in my life.

I take it you are referring to the God of the Bible. Happiness is ultimately no different from sadness, according to evolution, where they are both simply chemical reactions in your brain that neither display right nor wrong.

If you would open your eyes you would be happier to. You also wouldn't have to make yourself appear stupid when you write unfounded articles like the one on dinosaurs

Ariana Casteel

Your entire email is without substance and you want me to ‘open my eyes?’ I will ask you the same thing but I will reply with substance. If you really want to learn about the Christian faith, here goes—in fact—you will probably learn quite a bit about your own religion too.

Scientifically, what you may not realize is that there is a big difference between evolution and natural selection. Natural selection was developed by Ed Blyth, a Christian, nearly 25 years before Darwin. Natural selection which leads to adaptation is the filtering of traits that already exist. It is a loss of information in the DNA strand. This is not evolution; in fact, it is working in the opposite direction of evolution.

Evolution requires a buildup of new previously non-existent information on the DNA strand. This cannot happen with natural selection since it is a loss of information and evolution needs a gain of new information.

Darwin wasn’t aware of the difference then but people today realize the difference. Evolutionists have moved to the position of mutations as being the primary source of information gaining mechanism. However, they have never found a single instant where a DNA strand has ever been built up by a mutation to arrive at new previously non-existent information.

For some good material I suggest Refuting Evolution by Dr Jonathan Sarfati and the video From a Frog to a Prince. A great article is The evolution train’s a-comin’.

As for evidence, we all have the same evidence. It is the interpretation of the evidence that is different. Each view has preconceived beliefs. For evolution, they believe materialism true, and then look at the evidence and then try to fit it with their worldview. With biblical Christianity, we believe God first, and then look at the evidence from a biblical perspective. The biblical view fits the evidences much better. But the point is that evidence means nothing without an interpretation. We are forced to look at evidence from various perspectives to see how people view it. Sadly though, many are very closed-minded and refuse to look at anything other than through the one belief they hold.

Our foundational belief is based on the Bible. We are open about this; please see our statement of faith. The Bible is the Word of God, the Author of the universe and Creator of science. He is an Eyewitness to the account of origins and an Expert in the knowledge of its processes and design. See, we all have the same evidence and facts. It is the interpretation of those facts that are different. This interpretation is based on the foundation of what you believe before you ever look at any evidence.

Evolutionists, unlike biblical creationists, are scared to admit a priori assumptions of their belief. Honestly though, it works both ways, the only way an evolutionist can say ‘all the evidence points towards evolution’ is by assuming evolution is true, and therefore try to fit the facts to support the preconceived notions.

From the Bible, we develop our foundation. Please see these comparisons of foundational belief.

The answer should be obvious, biblical creation is found on a firm foundation by the Creator of science but evolution is based on a false science, a pseudoscience. Evolution is founded on the changing ideas of fallible men and the ideas keep having tremendous errors. They just don’t fit. It is not that many of these scientists are doing bad work, but they are starting with bad presuppositions that lead to the wrong answers.

See, in science you are required to make a hypothesis on the basis of belief. So, honest science doesn’t start with facts. Most fields of science were started by Christians anyway. It is because they believed that God created the world with a particular set of laws and this implies the principle of causality. This principle is the foundation of all science. It is also the same principle for the First Cause argument for the existence of God.

Please take the time to research this further and I’m sure you will find that you have been inundated with evolution so much, that you have actually accepted it as true without noticing the foundation is faulty. I pray this helps you realize that the Bible can be trusted and evolution is nothing but a lie.

Published: 3 February 2006