‘Re-educate myself in the truth’

Dear AIG ministries,

It is with great pleasure that I visit and read your website daily! I have only recently discovered that it even existed. I am 45 years old and like many in my generation I was educated to believe that evolution was fact. Period. I was a zealot about it. In fact, for someone not in one of the sciences as a career, I knew entirely too much about the subject! (The theories at least) I kept up to date on the latest things always, since High school. I had only come in contact with Creationist thinking via what I thought then and now know was a religious cult. However, I always felt that something in the evolution theories was missing... where was the mechanism for this supposed evolving? It just happens, was not a good enough answer for me. Well, last year in May 2002 I came to know our Lord and Savior Jesus. I was then baptized. Since, I have been studying the Bible. And, I've discovered your site! Looking at the SAME data but, with a perspective that now makes total sense to me. I applaud the factual way you present your information. I'm particularly impressed with the way that the geological column is explained, using the flood model. [Ed. note: See our Geology Q&A.] It just never made sense before. It was difficult to explain the massive clump of dead fossilized animals. Fossils just don't happen that frequently under normal conditions. Not to mention all the other great spiritual blessings I've gotten from your site! Thank-you, GOD bless you all for your good work. I'm avidly trying to re-educate myself in the truth. Just, thanks for being there. AMEN!

Thomas Delinger

Published: 3 February 2006