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Top five questions posed by evolutionists answered!

There is hope for students at college


Published: 20 August 2019 (GMT+10)

Researching creation after secular academia


I have worked at three positions in secular academia. At all three of my jobs, evolution was the absolute, over-arching paradigm. There was absolutely no avenue for bringing up creationist ideas. Let me illustrate the degree of hostility towards creationists in today’s secular academia. At my first position I had an atheist boss, who described himself as a proud evolutionist. During my tenure at this university, I gave a creation presentation (therefore against evolution) at a church in town. A few days later my boss walked into my office, obviously very angry. He had found out about my creation presentation, and then pressured me very heavily to resign.

Switching to the creation ministry

Working at secular institutions was stifling, because pursuing research outside of the evolutionary worldview was not allowed. Having only one allowable theory about origins discourages critical thinking. In secular academia, I saw a lot of evidence for creation and against evolution in what I was actually researching. I sometimes asked my evolutionist colleagues about these evidences in a careful way, and they were sometimes surprised at the conclusions they would have to make. I have read hundreds of scientific papers written by evolutionists in dozens of science journals. I found that even though these papers are always given an evolutionary slant, the data can often be re-interpreted to support biblical creation.

People may think that leaving a university position to work in creation ministry is academic suicide for a scientist, but I think otherwise. As a scientist, it is my opinion that what we see in nature better supports biblical creation as opposed to evolutionary theory. It is encouraging to know that as a Christian, I don’t have to separate what I see in nature from what we read in the Bible. Working for Creation Ministries International is a blessing for me, because I can explore evidence for biblical creation full-time and hopefully advance creation research.

What about our college students?

Even though our children may attend a church and even a Christian school, afterwards they may often attend a secular university, which are hotbeds of unbelief. Militant atheist professors don’t even try to hide the fact that they try to indoctrinate their students into atheism and liberalism. My atheist boss at my first job repeatedly tried to convince me that Christianity was wrong and to also accept evolutionary theory.

According to our ministry’s research, it makes a huge difference whether students attending church have been shown evidence for creation before they attend college. A couple of years ago, our ministry conducted an interview of college students who had attended church before college. We asked those students who now believe in evolution what their best evidence was for evolutionary theory. The top five “poster-child” arguments for evolution also just so happen to be the top five arguments that our speakers get when they minister in churches. Let us examine these arguments and decide whose side science really is on.

The fossil record

Evolutionary theory states that the fossil record represents the transformation of animals from simpler lifeforms to more complex ones over millions of years. The belief is that the rock layers (geology) represent eons of time and that the organisms which have been fossilized in these rocks show their evolutionary development. Simpler lifeforms should be found in layers below more complex ones. Charles Darwin also stated that with time, missing links between groups will be found.

Animal remains are preserved as fossils only very rarely under special physical and chemical circumstances. Until today instead of finding millions of missing links, we find that they are still missing. Time and time again we find the most ancient representatives of different animal groups to be just as complex as their modern variants, without any evolution between them. There are literally over a thousand of such so-called “living fossils”. Huge fossil beds, and the remains of animals showing rapid burial all point to the Genesis Flood. As Christians the fossil record—the alleged strongest evidence for evolution—is actually one of the easiest things for us to answer.


Dinosaurs are the real poster-children of millions of years and evolutionary theory. People have it firmly fixed in their minds that dinosaurs lived 250–65 million years ago. But one of the best kept secrets of paleontology is the presence of soft tissues in dinosaur bones, now found all over the world, described in some 50 secular publications. And in recent years there is conclusive evidence of carbon-14 in dinosaur fossils which refutes the millions of years dates assigned to these incredible beasts. I was never taught any of this when I studied biology at college.

Hundreds of dinosaur carvings and paintings have also been found in countries all over the world. This shows that humans were eyewitnesses to living dinosaurs. Such carvings were found in places where fossils of the specific dinosaur species were not present, indicating that the human artists were not putting flesh on dinosaur fossils that they had seen. Furthermore, large dinosaur graveyards have been found in different parts of the world. Researchers have greatly overestimated the number of dinosaur species, which means that dinosaurs could have fit on Noah’s Ark during the Flood (for example in juvenile form).

Natural selection

Natural selection is promoted as the engine of evolution. According to evolutionary theory, mutations arise in organisms, causing different variations to form. The fittest forms are selected to carry on their genes. But natural selection only explains the survival of the fittest, not the arrival of the fittest. In other words, natural selection is merely a selective force, which culls out individuals with weaker genes.

Far from being an argument against creation, natural selection was a term which was actually invented by a creationist, Edward Blyth (1810—1873). Creationists acknowledge that new species (not a biblical term by the way) arise by natural selection, but they also vary within bounds, according to their kinds (the correct biblical term).

Evolutionists like to point out how some mutations lead to new species. The problem occurs when they carry this single step all the way back to the beginning of life. But the nature of mutations in the genetic material doesn’t bear this out.

Genetic mutations

Evolution needs to incorporate massive amounts of new genetic information for organisms to evolve from simple cells to complex living organisms over millions of years. However, what the evidence shows is that mutations are neutral at best. Sometimes mutations only transfer genetic information between two positions in the genome. At worst mutations destroy information. According to simulations, mutations cannot build up even small amounts of the genetic information required for macroevolution. Ultimately, mutations are copying mistakes in the instructions for making complex organisms. It is rare that a complexity is improved by breaking the instructions for making the machine.

Radiocarbon dating

Many people think that radiocarbon dating proves millions of years. The truth is exactly the opposite—if radioactive carbon is discovered in a sample, we know that material cannot be millions of years old. Not too many people, including physics students at the university where I studied, knew how radiocarbon dating works. The so-called half-life of radiocarbon is very short: after only 5,730 years any source of radiocarbon in living things will decay to half of its starting amount. Theoretically, no detectable radiocarbon should be found after only 200,000+ years. Creation researchers have tested diamond samples for traces of radiocarbon. While evolutionists think that diamonds are even billions of years old, the creationist researchers found measurable amounts of radiocarbon in all their samples. This is again a direct scientific refutation of the millions and even billions of years assigned to such things.


As you can see, at Creation Ministries International we have amassed 40+ years’ worth of creation science material to demonstrate that there is a lot of evidence which supports biblical creation as opposed to evolution and millions of years. For example, one of our newest and highly effective resources, Evolution’s Achilles Heels shows how evolutionary theory can be refuted by real science, presented by real scientists who believe biblical creation. The evidence is on our side and as Christians we must “know our enemy”, because we must understand what we want to refute. We must be prepared to be able to answer evolutionary arguments, especially in a secular academic environment because these are the stereotypical arguments that are used to indoctrinate people (particularly unwitting college students) into a belief that science (they mean ‘evolution’) somehow disproves the Bible. As you can see, it is also very easy to refute these top five arguments for evolution. By dealing with this ‘top five’ we can help fellow Christians, and particularly our children, understand that they can trust our Bible. Dealing with evolutionary arguments is actually a way we can help our families’ faith and be more effective in our witness with confidence.

Readers’ comments

Donald R.
Hi Matthew.

You have given a clear, simple and easy to understand refutation of the very core of evolutionary thinking, which illustrates how it does not stand up under scrutiny. I have been looking at the creation/evolution debate for some 45 years now, and I have never actually found any evidence to support/prove evolution. Astounding as that may sound to many people, all I find is a myriad of made up stories, misinterpretation of "evidence", blatant falsifications, misleading statements, and outright lies. May our Lord bless you, and continue to guide you in this most important work to help Christians and non-Christians alike. Your brother in Christ, Don
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Don,
Thank you very much for your kind comment. Yes, general revelation (nature) speaks to the glory of God (Rom. 1:19-20).
Louis C.
It is always interesting when nature-worshippers try to prove their creation myth while trying to sound scientific and rational. In my final school year's biology, we learnt the following proofs of evolution:

1. Fossil records: "Fossil records provide detailed info and proof of systematic change over time -- of descent with modification. Different fossils are found in different rock layers, with the oldest fossils in the oldest layers. Modern species can be traced back in time because they show similarity with fossil species which became extinct hundreds or thousands of years ago."
2. Biogeography: basically, similar species are found close to one another, and different species are found in isolated places with similar climate.
3. Genetics: "All organisms have DNA/RNA. Many different organisms have genes coding for identical genes. Thus Nature and evolution!"
4. Comparative anatomy: Homologies and analogies.
5. Haeckel's frauds, or "embryology"
6. Vestigial organs, such as the appendix (lol) and the remains of hip bones in dolphins.

Thanks to my parents feeding me the truth of the Bible with mother's milk and putting me in a Christian school, CMI's excellent material on the subject and a teacher who also knows and researches a lot about the topic (her son became an atheist after being fed evolution at university, so this subject is very important to her), I had a very amusing time reading all the "evidence," ranging from weak to outright lies in the case of Haeckel's embryos. This article reminded me again of that. So thanks again for your work. God bless you.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Louis,
God bless you too, and thank you for your kind comment. We are encouraged that our material has helped you.
Stephen L.
I love how science supports God and His creation. I discuss creation and evolution with my 11 year old son and now, when he sees Professor Brian Cox, Sir David Attenborough or Neil Degrasse Tyson refer to millions and billions of years, he shouts No! it's 6000 years! I have advised him to seek proof when his teachers talk about 'long time'. I hope he can awaken their brainwashed minds. And ask the teacher where, how and why a quantum fluctuation started the big bang. We worked out the speed of the superhero "Flash"to 2000km per second and compared that to the speed of light but he got confused when I started talking about 'space-time'.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Stephen,
Thanks for your encouraging comments. Today since evolution is today's ruling paradigm it's good to doubt Darwin and be skeptical of evolution.Keep up the good work of training your son.
Rodney P.
Good on you for putting God and His truth ahead of an academic career. Matthew 6:32-34 King James Version (KJV) (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. We fellow Christians owe a debt of gratitude to scientists like you who educate us about the fallacies of evolution and the strong evidence for creation. You truly strengthen our faith and confidence in Jesus.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Rodney,
Thanks for your encouraging comments, thanks for the Bible verse. God is good.
Sam T.
Hi Matthew,

Thanks for these timely article, very clear and informative. I salute you for resigning from your previous job to work at creation ministry, only those who have a passion for God would do that .
May God richly bless you and your team in continuing to spread this biblical truth to this secular world we live in.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Sam,
Thank you very much for your kind remarks. God bless you too.
Jeff W.
Don't put your trust in "christian" schools or colleges to teach the truth about creation. I taught science in a Christian school for 7 years. Five of my children graduated from "christian" colleges. I experienced a great deal of resistance to the teaching of Biblical creation at all of these "christian" institutions. Even my local church has reacted negatively to having a CMI speaker. The excuses are that Biblical creation is too divisive or is not scientific. If you want your children to know the truth of Biblical creation, you need to teach them the truth of Biblical creation at home, starting from an early age. Creation Ministries International produces some great resources to help you do that. I'm thankful for the positive impact that CMI materials have had in my life and in my family's life.
Dan M.
Matthew, we are in a religious war with the evolutionists, not a scientific one. Thus the reason for the inquisition conducted towards you for your creationist views while you worked at university. We all have the same evidence, (observations) but we creationists interpret those observations according to the biblical account by faith and the observations make so much more sense when viewed thru biblical glasses. The evo's also interpret the evidence by faith, only they have no good argument, (big bang) as to where the material universe came from with all its fine tuned complexity not to mention all the genetic information, (without God) contained in life it's self.
No, the evolutionary hypotheses does not give the atheist religion the respectability they seek because it makes no sense at all according to the observations! They must constantly change their just so stories to misdirect and convince the public they are right. The science is settled right? Not even close!
It is quite obvious there was a world wide catastrophe in our past according to geology, paleontology and genetics just as the bible attests.
Abe M A.
Do we know of any secular sources acknowledging that their only game in town for creation is a process repeated destruction (mutations)? If this is known, does it make it to the final published literature for the world to know? Evolutionists still (2019) admit to creationists that deep-time evolution cannot/will not be seen because 'it's deep-time' (takes eons of time to see the continuous changes that would result in the diversity we see today) so, they 'interpret' their observations as 'evolution is small time frames'. BUT, destruction (mutations) is still the ONLY process they have for alleged creation (a new). This process of destruction DOES NOT END! How then, can this process of destruction result in what we see today when eons of time are added to this process of destruction? Since destruction is all there is for the evolution story to create (a new) required information for all livings, introducing eons of time to destruction can only result in extinction eons of time over. Evolution is factually DE-evolution. To this day it continues in reverse! Great article! Thank you! =).
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Abe,
Thanks for your kind comments and question. There is a famous experiment called the Heidelberg Screen, performed by German scientists Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric Wieschaus, for which they won the Nobel prize in 1995. This was a comprehensive analysis of every single observable or inducible mutation in the famous fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster. They showed that each of these mutations were lethal to the fruit flies, which died before they could mate. This study showed for every single gene in Drosophila that mutations only lead to a dead end. This means that mutations do not lead to evolution. This paper also explains how mutations only break down genetic information over time.
Ian B.
John C Lennox does a good job of demolishing evolutionary arguments in his book,"God's Undertaker".the dna code is full stop for the evolutionists.As a professor of mathematics,the book is loaded with odds against random events producing the living cell.the cell shouts loud and clear DESIGN.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Ian,
I'm certain Lennox's book is very useful. However, let's not lose sight of the fact that we must do our science from a full pre-suppositional perspective, remaining true to the Biblical narrative.
Brad W.
Well done, Matthew. We're proud of you and look forward to hearing more. A saying that we've been dwelling on lately is, "God is, and all is well."
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Brad,
Thank you very much for your comment. I am sure to keep writing more articles, so stay tuned. Blessings!

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