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Robert Gurney

Robert J.M. Gurney

Medical doctor and missionary


Robert J.M. Gurney qualified in medicine at the University of Bristol, England, in 1963 (M.B., Ch.B.). He also obtained a qualification in Tropical Medicine at the University of Liverpool, England, in 1965 (D.T.M. & H.). He served for 17 years as a medical missionary in Israel, Tanzania and Kenya, and then worked as a general practitioner in England. He has been interested in the evolution/creation debate since his schooldays, when he was a member of the Evolution Protest Movement. He also has a special interest in history and in the prophecies of Daniel. This has resulted in the publication of a book, God in Control, and of several articles in theological journals. More recently, Dr Gurney wrote another book, Six-Day Creation: Does it matter what you believe?.

He is the brother of creationist ophthalmologist Peter W.V. Gurney.

Ed. note: we are very sorry to report that Dr Gurney died on 1 June 2013. Our condolences to his wife Priscilla and his children Sarah, Matthew, and Joanna.


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